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Pepperrell Post - February 2017
The February 2017 Edition of the Pepperrell Post includes the following articles:

Goosefare Brook Watershed Update

What's with all the construction?

Safety, Recreational Access, and Visual Appeal: 
Everybody wins with relocation of Saco's Transfer Station 

Recycling made easy! Why it's important. 

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Goosefare Brook Watershed Update

As previous reader's of the Pepperrell Post will know, the City of Saco has been working collaboratively with our neighboring community in Old Orchard Beach as well as members from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP); York County Soil and Water Conservation District (YCSWCD); and F.B. Evironmental Associates on the development of the Goosefare Brook Watershed-Based Management Plan (WBMP).  In May of 2016, the WBMP was completed and accepted by the (MDEP)...  

What's with all of the construction?

Summer in Maine means beaches, ice cream, tourists, and yes.... Construction.  Our summers here are short, which means all of that aging utility infrastructure underground needs to be repaired or replaced during the same season that our roads are at their busiest.  Hundreds of miles of pipes providing reliable water, sewer, storm drain, heating fuel, communication, and electric services to our homes and businesses lie beneath our roadways... 

Safety, Recreational Access, and Visual Appeal: Everybody wins with the relocation of Saco's Transfer Station

Since 2009, Public Works staff had identified the existing Transfer Station as a high priority for replacement due to its condition, safety concerns, and location.  In 2005, the abutting landfill property to the transfer station was revitalized and reused as athletic fields.  Over the past decade, the use of these fields has grown exponentially.  While great for the City, it created constant logistical and safety issues at the shared entrance and parking areas for the athletic complex and the existing Transfer Station waste storage areas.  In 2014, a bond referendum for $850,000 that included a new transfer station as well as tennis courts and other athletic complex enhancement failed by a narrow margin.  Unfortunately, all of the logistical and safety issues still required addressing...

Recycling made easy! Why it's important. 

Recycling is EASY! Instead of throwing away items that can be recycled, Put them all in your BROWN City of Saco curbside cart...  

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