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Pepperrell Post - January 2017
The January 2017 Edition of the Pepperrell Post includes articles about: 

Police Chief, Bradley Paul Retiring December 31, 2016

Installing a Chimney or Fireplace

New Plumbing Code in Effect

Huge Increase in the Number of Housing Units Under Construction

Gilles Poirier Retiring January 6, 2017

and the City Administrator's Updates


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City Administrator's Update

On the City Administrator's Page on the City of Saco Website, you will see a section where the City Administrator provides frequent updates to the City Council about what is happening in Saco.

Installing a New Chimney or Fireplace?

Installing a Chimney or Fireplace?  Disclosure Statements Are Required!
If you are planning to hire a mason to install or construct a new masonry fireplace or chimney, they must provide you with a disclosure form.  The form must be signed by the installer and given to the homeowner before the chimney or fireplace is constructed.  

The purpose of the disclosure is to inform the consumer that the National Fire Protection Association Standard #211, 2013 edition is the current standard which applies to all new construction of fireplaces and chimneys.  The State of Maine does not require registration or licensure of chimney or fireplace installers.  It is important to realize that many fires are caused each year from improperly constructed fireplaces and chimneys.  The form is an aide to consumers in making an informed decision as to the abilities of the installer and under what requirements the installation must comply with.

Police Chief Paul Retiring 

Chief Bradley Paul has been employed by the City of Saco for 40 years. While achieving that amazing accomplishment, Chief Paul has distinguished himself as a community leader and a highly respected member of the Law Enforcement Community.

After being hired on August 2, 1976 Chief Paul has worked as a dispatcher, a patrol officer, and later promoted to Sergeant in 1981. Over the next several years he would become a shift supervisor, firearms instructor and SWAT team leader. Chief Paul became one of those people known for "getting things done".

In August of 2002, Brad was promoted to Chief of Police. Brad spent the next 14 years leading one of the finest police departments in the state. His dedication, strong work ethic, and sense of humor come second only to his sense of compassion and desire to help people in the community. Whether it's spending time working on Saco Bay Rotary projects, refereeing for local sports teams, volunteering at the local soup kitchen or as a mentor for the Jump Start Program, the Chief is actively engaged in the community.

Brad's dedication to his staff, colleagues, and community will be greatly missed. We wish him a healthy and happy retirement, and all the best with his future endeavors. Congratulations, Brad!  
I-Codes and NFPA Codes Available Online

While the codes are copyrighted materials you usually have to pay a lot of money for, anyone with access to a computer can view the I-codes (Building, Energy & Property Maintenance Codes), and the NFPA (Fire) codes online, for free! This is a great tool for contractors, design professionals, citizens, and codes officials.

You can access the NFPA codes here
You can see the I-codes here (This is on the
 You can't print or copy all of these, but they're a great way to see what a particular code text says, which sometimes is all you need. Information is power. Know where to get it!

Building  codes currently in effect are the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) which covers construction of one and two family dwelling units and to a certain extent, attached townhouses and the International Building Code (IBC) that covers all other construction.  Also, the 2009 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code is the resource for all items related to energy and insulation. 

Copies of all adopted codes can also be found at the Code Enforcement Department at City Hall during normal business hours.
Gilles Poirier Retiring

Gilles Poirier will retire effective January 6, 2017.  Gilles has been a dedicated employee and has cared for City Hall and City Hall Annex buildings for the past 16 years.  
Gilles emigrated from Saint-Zacharie, Quebec as a young man to work in the Biddeford textile mills. He has been married to his wife Priscilla for 44 yrs, his first and only wife- excluding the 14 work wives he has at City Hall. He is the father of 2 daughters and 1 son; the caretaker of his brother-in-law and buddy Jerry, and Pepere to 7
Mayor Michaud (L) and Gilles Poirier (R)

Prior to being employed by the City of Saco, Gilles became skilled with we
lding, sheet rock installation, and other fine tradesman skills. Gilles is also an excellent back gammon player and self taught harmonica player. 

His professionalism, respectfulness, dependability, dedication, determinat
ion, accountability, and humility exemplify his great work ethic which is evident in hi
s care for City Hall as if it was his own home. Whether that involves checking the clock tower for accuracy as he rounds the corner for work each day or spending a 3 day weeke
nd stripping, sealing, and waxing the 1st floor of City Hall, to a mirror-like finish, Gilles always goes above and beyond.

Gille's pleasant demeanor, sense of humor with employees and taxpayers, and happy go-lucky whistling will be missed through the halls of City Hall. Gilles can often be found promptly at 3:35 joining his coffee club at Main St Dunkin Donut, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Congratulations, Gilles!
New Plumbing Code in Effect

The State of Maine Plumber's Examining Board recently updated and approved for use within the State the 2015 edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code published by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. This replaces the 2009 edition that has been in use since about 2010.  The Plumber's Examining Board has made certain amendments to the code that can be found at this link 
and by scrolling down to 02 395 Plumbers' Examining Board and clicking on Ch. (All). 
Copies of this standard can be obtained by contacting IAPMO at:
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
5001 E. Philadelphia Street
Ontario, CA 91761-2816
Telephone: (909) 472-4100 or 1-800-85-IAPMO
Saco Sees a Huge Increase in the Number of Housing Units Under Construction

While construction of single and two family homes in the City of Saco remains relatively level at between 45 and 65 units per year, we are nonetheless currently experiencing phenomenal growth in the total number of housing units under construction this
calendar year. With 150 units under development in Mill 4 on Saco Island and several multi-family buildings completed and under constru ction in Park North off the Portland Road beh ind Ocean Communities Credit Union, the total number of housing units has reached 260 for calendar year 2016 with 2 weeks left to go. The highest recorded number of housing units created in Saco in any single  year during the past 15 years was 163 units  in 2005. 
The average cost of a single family home, not including the cost of the land, also took a jump in 2016 to $231,800 up from an average of $180,240 in 2015.

Total construction spending for 2016 is reported to be just shy of $44,500,000!
Employment Opportunities 

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