July 13, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 10
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Clarion Announces Austin Keen Sponsorship!

Clarion is excited to announce that it has signed world champion skimboarder and pro wakesurfer, Austin Keen, as a brand ambassador for the company's award-winning line of rugged and powerful marine-grade multimedia audio systems and accessories!

Austin Keen has made a name for himself through his bona fide personality, lifestyle, and unsurpassed wave-riding skills. In 2009, Austin competed in his first professional skimboarding contest and went on to tour Australia, Bali, Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico, and the Philippines. In 2013, he was crowned World Champion of Skimboarding after competing in the eight-stop international, United Skim Tour Circuit. In 2014, he was listed in SurferToday.com's Most Influential in Wave Sports next to greats like Kelly Slater. 

In addition to multiple action sports and lifestyle magazines, Austin has become an internet sensation, starring in dozens of viral videos. In 2016, Austin won the 40th Annual Victoria World Championships of Skimboarding in Laguna Beach. He now strives to push the sport to new limits, helping promote and grow skimboarding around the world.

As a brand ambassador for Clarion's marine division, Austin will be a key contributor in expanding the brand's awareness and reach among a new generation of watercraft and watersports enthusiasts. Clarion's sponsorship of Austin, combined with the company's commitment to support his craft and lifestyle, is expected to ignite excitement for the Clarion brand and its marine products among Austin's fans, friends, and followers, all of whom are at the forefront of the trends impacting today's marine lifestyle.

Fair Winds and Following Seas
Clarion (and the Marine Industry) Prepares for IBEX 2017!

It's hard to believe but IBEX 2017 is just around the corner!

As North America's largest technical trade event for marine industry professionals, IBEX 2017 will take place in Tampa, FL from September 19 to 21. For those who build, design, service, or sell boats or marine products, IBEX is a must-attend industry event. The show delivers a unique forum where the marine industry can do business, share ideas, and accelerate new product development. Each year, I BEX offers over 650 exhibits in the exhibit halls, outdoor display space, and on the IBEX Docks.
Last year's IBEX, which took place on October 4-6, attracted over 6,000 registered industry professionals during the first two days of the event, despite concerns over Hurricane Matthew heading toward Florida, which kept many local marine industry companies from attending as they had to tend to both personal and professional hurricane preparations.
Clarion Marine will be at IBEX 2017 with a 20' x 20' custom exhibit indoors in addition to having one of the coveted dock spaces in front of the exhibit hall. We invite our partners and customers to visit our booth located on 3101 to find out about our exciting new product introductions. 
Stay tuned for more information about what Clarion will be exhibiting at IBEX in the future issues of the Mariner. For more information on IBEX, please visit  www.ibexshow.com .
Relentless Pursuit of Perfection
Guided by Innovations, Evolutions, and Communication
Clarion has a strong tradition of supporting and adding value to its products throughout their life cycles. After the successful launch of the CMS4 System nearly 6 months ago, we took in the feedback we received from our customers and reviewers and our product development team added some new features to the product that will be trickling in as production of the model continues. Here is a summary of the latest features:
  • All Zone Remote Mode: The CMS4 already had the unique ability to dedicate one or more wired remotes to each of its four zones.  However, some customers wanted the added flexibility for the remotes to control other zones instead of being confined to their respective zones. This new feature has now been added, allowing the remotes to either control all of the four zones or only their respective zone.
  • ABC Search for Apple Devices: Although not common, some users have tens of thousands of songs on their Apple devices, and even though the CMS4 can handle accessing all these songs, providing users with a faster way of finding their favorite tracks using the CMS4 screen was on the wish list. Now, when browsing the contents of an Apple device using the CMS4's screen, users are able quickly sort albums, artists, or tracks via A to Z sorting.
  • Multi-Step Dimmer Controls: Instead of providing a "high" and "low" dimmer setting, users now have the ability to fine-tune the brightness of not only the color TFT LCD screen but the buttons and knob illumination as well! The screen now features 10 levels of brightness and the buttons/knobs have 3 levels. 
The award-winning CMS4 is available now to boat builders directly from Clarion. Specialty marine retailers and dealers have access to the system through  Land 'N' Sea Distributing  and  Seawide while  Vickers AV supports premium 12V specialists across Southeast United States with their marine product needs. Visit www.clarionmarinesystems.com   for more information.