July 27, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 11
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Shredding Waves - Austin Keen Style

In celebration of our new sponsorship with professional wakesurfer Austin Keen, we have released an all-new Vlog on our social channels! This exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at our recent Clarion Marine photoshoot puts Austin's skills on display as he tears up the Carlsbad Lagoon waters behind an Axis A22.

Austin jokes around with our boat driver Kalon Morris, while putting on a show for renowned watersports photographer Bryan Soderlind. In addition to some incredible tricks, you can even see our Clarion Marine ambassador ride doubles with model and fellow wakesurfer Missy Olivares.

Soon after release, our Vlog received over 33K views and numerous comments. Daniel Logan praises our "Sick slow mo shots! Seriously awesome," while Alexandre Adam de Villiers calls our video "Unbelievable, too good!".

But don't just take our word for it. Check out our latest video filmed by Danny Kim above!
Win a GoPro HERO5 in Latest 
Austin Keen Contest!

Every morning, you can find  Austin Keen in his "office" using the same tools that he always does! Unlike many of us, his office is the beach or the wake. One of Austin's most used tools is the GoPro HERO5 with attached mouth mount.

Some of the best videos of Austin Keen wake surfing are shot on his very own GoPro using the MyGo Mouth Mount. The most recent video, and one of the most popular, from  Austin's YouTube Channel features numerous shots from this same rig as he skateboards down a boat ramp before jumping into the wake of a boat. It's stunts like these that keep Austin at the forefront of his sport, and we are excited that his athletic drive has put the Clarion Marine name in front of a new set of eyes.

Clarion Marine is hosting a giveaway, allowing one lucky fan to win a GoPro Hero5 and this same mouth mount. Runner up's will receive a package of Clarion Marine swag to promote the brand. The winner will be announced August 2nd!
The Magic of Clarion MW6

Simply put, the Clarion MW6 is basically a translator.  It connects to a supporting Clarion source unit's wired remote port (which uses a proprietary communication protocol to talk with our line of remote products like the MW1, MW3, MF1 and MF2) and translates our proprietary information into NMEA 2000 standard communication so devices like MFDs can control it.
One of the coolest things about the MW6 is that, given the popularity of NMEA 2000 enabled MFDs today, the MW6 allows source units from our past to communicate with these new devices.  For example, the MW6 supports the following source units: CMS4, CMS3, CMS2, M303, M505 and M606.  The CMS2, M303 and M505 source units have been on the market for several years thus we are supporting our customers who bought a Clarion source unit in the past but would like it to communicate with their fancy new MFD.
Thanks to an MW6 doing the translation between a Clarion unit and an MFD, you can control multiple functions of the Clarion system directly through the MFD such as Play, Pause, Volume +, Volume -, Mute, Next Track, Previous Track, change source, etc.  These kinds of commands allow the MFD's touch screen interface to control most of the essential functions of the Clarion source unit. There is also more sophisticated information such as album, artist, song text, radio station info, etc. This kind of information is produced by the Clarion source unit (because it is the device playing the music content) but will show up on the MFD's screen.
Rapid Growth in Following!

We've been building a steady following on our Clarion Marine social channels since launching them in April, but we've experienced rapid growth over the last month. Since the beginning of July, we've more than doubled our following on Facebook and Instagram!

Come see what all the buzz is about!