August 24, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 13
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Austin Keen Takes Third at The Vic!
Stiff Competition and Mediocre 
Dominated this Year's Event!

This past weekend,  Austin Keen participated in the World Championships of Skimboarding:  The Vic 2017 . The annual contest began in 1977, and is often hosted on the beautiful shores of Laguna Beach, CA. Showcasing the skills of talented skimboarders from across the country, the competition is notorious for its community involvement.
Bringing charitable organizations to the shores this year, The Vic was proud to work with  Elev8 Industries and collect donations to help children at risk. Their partnership funneled donations into three different organizations:  Court Appointed Special Advocates of Orange County ,   Child Abuse Prevention Center , and  Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County . Additionally, the partnership helped bring some of these at-risk children to the shores to learn skimboarding and watch the competition - some of which had never seen the ocean in their lives.
After an epic win in 2016, this year Austin Keen fought to defend his title in the Pro Men division. Although he couldn't maintain his title this year, Austin and his team were excited to secure third place in the competition- in spite of unfavorable wave conditions. According to Victoria Skimboards employee and team rider Jakob Hexberg, most of Sunday waves averaged 2 to 3 feet, with occasional sets of 4 feet. Austin Keen's manager Reed Morales elaborated on the waves and the win, "Competition was stiff and the waves were mediocre, [but] we're stoked on the result." We look forward to seeing more of Austin Keen as he continues having fun out on the water and training for even more success in future endeavors.
Tech Tuesdays on Social Media
Clarion Launches Series of Short
Informative Product Feature Videos

Last Tuesday, we began an exciting series of short videos called Tech Tuesdays, which feature some of our products' amazing capabilities. This week witnessed the unveiling of our second round of tech videos on the CMS4; a multi-zone source system designed to enhance the experience of controlling audio on a boat! This award-winning product combines accessible home-screen icons tailored to each zone of your boat with exciting capabilities like "party mode." Party mode allows users to switch to a single source across all four zones with the press of a button. Another practical feature is the mono-subwoofer output, fitted to every zone of the boat. The mono-subwoofer allows for audio flexibility no matter where you are. Using the CMS4's fader option, users can rapidly customize the location of sound on their boat using the product knobs.
These are just a few of the remarkable features of our CMS4, and many more product feature videos are coming in future Tech Tuesday posts on our social media channels. For the next three weeks, we will continue to highlight the versatility of the CMS4 and other Clarion Marine products. The winners of our Tech Tuesday product giveaways will be announced on September 14th. Keep an eye out for a new product feature each Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram