October 10, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 16
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Boating Industry's Top IBEX Picks
Boating Industry Highlights Clarion's
NEW CM-Series on Front Page!

Last September, exhibitors from all over the world flocked to Tampa, Florida to participate in the 2017 International Boat Builder's Exhibition & Conference (IBEX). This year's event showcased more than 600 companies, filling 123,435 square feet of exhibit space on three levels. Of course, Clarion was there and our exhibit this year stood out quite nicely.
Boating Industry took note and recognized Clarion for rolling out some of the top products in the show, so much so that Clarion was featured on the front page of their website . The magazine noted Clarion's all-new extreme-performance CM-Series marine speakers and subwoofers outfitted with RGB illumination and multiple-grade digital media source system. Clarion's 2018 Robalo R302 equipped with a 22-piece Clarion marine audio system also caught Boating Industry's attention.
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The "Game Changer" Speakers Are Here
Clarion's New CM-Series Speakers Will
Change the Way You Look at Marine Speakers!

Clarion's successful debut of the new CM series speakers at IBEX 2017 ushers in a new era where premium design mixes seamlessly with high fidelity to deliver a unique audio-visual experience. Boasting unparalleled power handling and an innovative attractive design, the CM series of speakers are destined to change the landscape when it comes to marine speakers.
Heavy Duty Design and Waterproofing
The CM series of speakers were designed to withstand harsh marine environments, all the way down to the connectors included with the speakers. The CM series 6.5" speakers, as well as 10" and 12" subwoofers, feature built-in waterproof connection ports for both audio and LED lighting. In addition to the rugged design, all Clarion speakers are designed to withstand the testing standards of ASTM D4329 and B117 for UV and Salt Fog exposure.
Superior Power Handling and Design
With a maximum wattage of 200 watts (6.5") with 80 watts RMS, 800 watts (10") with 250 watts RMS and 1000 watts (12") with 300 watts RMS power, the CM Series speakers and subwoofers bring top tier power and audio clarity to the marine market without the need to break the bank. With the newly introduced CM series design, Clarion speakers and subwoofers go beyond our competitors by integrating hidden screw cavities, woven voice coil wiring and more, giving a reliable product offering with a clean premium look.
Multi-Color LED Lighting
To liven up the audio-visual experience, the CM speakers feature RGB LED lighting. Utilizing the built-in waterproof connectors, our RGB LEDs featured on the CM Series of speakers can be wired to provide a permanent color solution or integrated into an existing RGB LED controller for custom colors on the fly. Featuring red, green and blue tri-color LEDs, the CM Series speakers can create over 16 million combinations of color, when used with an RGB LED controller, allowing for extreme color customization.
Available starting January 2018 for boat builders, system integrators, and select authorized dealers, Clarion CM Series speakers will provide a new, more stylish way of immersion into a high-fidelity audio. 
Clarion Receives More Industry Praise
Electronics 360 Calls Clarion An
"Audio Giant" After NEW Product Releases

Taking advantage of the opportunity to exhibit at IBEX 2017, Clarion unveiled three all-new marine-grade digital media systems at the show along with more than a dozen other products and accessories. Electronics 360 took note and named Clarion an 'Audio Giant' in the marine space, specifically elaborating on the launch of our new source units.
Our new source systems-the CMS20, M608, and M508- are designed to endure years of marine use and can be connected to boat MFDs through Clarion's MW6 NMEA 2000 adapter.
The CMS20 is an IPX6-rated 2-piece (commander and black box) digital media system featuring a 32-bit microcontroller paired together with a 4.1 channel audio processor for high quality and performance. It also includes a built-in amplifier, AM/FM/WB tuner, Bluetooth, six pre-amp outputs, AUX-in and USB for storing music.
The M608 is a 1.8-DIN (1-DIN chassis) that can be used to replace pre-existing radios. It features a large, white LED-backlit LCD display and a 200W internal amp, global AM/FM/WB tuner, Bluetooth aptX, eight pre-amp outputs, AUX-in and USB.
The M508 is a traditional 1-DIN marine-grade multimedia source unit that replaces existing systems in marine vessels; it features a white LED-backlit LCD display and two-zone volume control. It connects with AM/FM/WB tuner, Bluetooth aptX, AUX-in and USB.
All new model feature Clarion's stylish brushed metal dark gray finish with chrome accents and machined-look knobs and buttons.
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Consumers Speak! We Listen!
Hear What End-Users Are Saying About Clarion Marine

In addition to our on-going media coverage, there has been another voice that has had our attention for a long time. The consumer experience with Clarion Marine product is of utmost importance to us, and we've been hearing great things! Take a look at what end-users are saying about some of our tried-and-true source units:

"A very good marine stereo. I installed it as a replacement for the original in my SeaRay. I did order the new MW1 to replace the original remote on the dash. My project for this week but I don't think it will be too bad. It is the same size as the old unit and installed easily but the connector is different so I had to cut the old wires and reconnect them. Thankfully Clarion uses the same color code as the old unit so that helped a lot with installation. Sounds a lot better than the old unit and I love the Bluetooth."

Written by  Jim  on September 5, 2017

"I have a cabin cruiser with limited space for head unit. You can mount this anywhere out of sight and the faceplate is like a wired remote"

Written by  Romano  on August 24, 2017 

"It was easy to install. I unplugged my old 2001 Clarion unit and plugged in the new unit. The only issue was my 6 CD player cannot be plugged into the new M606 unit. The Bluetooth for both Pandora and Spotify works great and was easy to set up. The M606 has great sound."
Written by  Anonymous  on September 4, 2017    
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