November 7, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 18
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The New Benchmark
The New M508 Marine Audio Source System Ups the Benchmark in Looks, Performance, Features and Affordability Departments!

With the imminent release of the new M508 in January 2018, Clarion is bringing to the 1-DIN marine product category a sophisticated new design and a host of great features and performance enhancements the likes of which cannot be found in the market in one package!
Rich Features
The M508 features 50W x 4 MOSFET amplified audio output to push out audio from some of your favorite sources such as SiriusXM, Pandora, Bluetooth (aptX lossless streaming), USB, and iPod and offers a high resolution Global AM/FM/Weatherband Tuner.  With the M508's new button layout, you can quickly access and control your digital sources as well as gain instant access to your subwoofer volume for on-the-fly tuning.
Enhanced Buttons and Layout
The ergonomically enhanced new buttons make navigating your audio easier than ever. With tactile rubberized buttons, you can avoid unwanted slip ups when controlling the features of the M508. With the enhanced spacing, texture and designs, you can now easily navigate the menus to tune in your unique audio experience. And, the all new large volume knob allows a more precise control of the volume thanks to its size, extended knob length, and the rubber grip surrounding it.
Easy USB Access
The M508 features an all new USB and auxiliary port design. By implementing a new flip cover design, you can now simply flip open the cover as it snaps and hides inside the M508. When you have finished listening to your USB or auxiliary source, flip the cover back over to keep unwanted elements from entering the system through the front facing ports.
NMEA 2000 Support
Thanks to Clarion's NMEA 2000 MW6 connector, M508 will easily connect to many of the popular MFD screens out in the market today making it a NMEA 2000 enabled model.
With M508's compelling feature set, enhanced design and ease of use, the M508 is the ideal audio device for the marine audio market. 

The Magic of Clarion MW6
Bringing NMEA 2000 Connectivity to 
Virtually All Clarion Source Units

Simply put, MW6 is basically a translator. It connects to a supporting Clarion source unit's wired remote port (which uses a proprietary communication protocol to talk with our line of remote products like the MW1, MW3, MF1 and MF2) and translates our proprietary information into NMEA 2000 standard communication so devices like MFDs can control it.

One of the coolest things about the MW6 is that, given the popularity of NMEA 2000 enabled MFDs today, the MW6 not only connects our all-new source models to popular MFD brands but it also allows source units from our past to communicate with these new devices. For example, the MW6 supports the following source units: CMS4, CMS3, CMS2, M303, M505 and M606. The CMS2, M303 and M505 source units have been on the market for several years thus we are supporting our customers who bought a Clarion source unit in the past but would like it to communicate with their fancy new MFD.

Thanks to an MW6 doing the translation between a Clarion unit and an MFD, you can control multiple functions of the Clarion system directly through the MFD such as Play, Pause, Volume +, Volume -, Mute, Next Track, Previous Track, change source, etc. These kinds of commands allow the MFD's touch screen interface to control most of the essential functions of the Clarion source unit. There is also more sophisticated information such as album, artist, song text, radio station info, etc. This kind of information is produced by the Clarion source unit (because it is the device playing the music content) but will show up on the MFD's screen. 
Consumers Speak! We Appreciate!
Learn What End-Users Say About Clarion Marine Products



"Great replacement stereo for my boat. I purchased this stereo to replace a Clarion XMD2 in my 2005 Sea Ray SLX. The placement of the stereo in the boat is on the passenger side and there is a wired remote on the driver's dash. There is also a remote at the rear of the boat. I wanted to purchase a stereo that I could use the existing remotes and this one worked perfectly! Also, the wire connections from the back of the XMD2 plugged right into the M606, making the installation very easy. The Bluetooth connection is great and the sound is incredible. I would recommend this to any Sea Ray owner looking to replace an older stereo.
Written by Amazon Customer on March 21, 2017


"Great Radio! Bought this to replace our current CMD8 Marine Radio and prefer this one ... we decided to buy the M606 since it had Bluetooth and we would not have to have the phone connected to the device at all time. The best part is that it is the SAME EXACT SIZE as the CMD8 so there was no need to open new holes or buy any brackets, simply plug and play. Overall great product, would recommend it to anyone looking to replace their CMD8."
Written by CD on August 24, 2017



"Great Stereo. Well put together..."

Written by Randall Thomas on October 9, 2017


"Radio is perfect. Bluetooth and all is awesome!"

Written by Bolillo on March 13, 2017



"Installed in a 2016 Yamaha AR192 boat. Works perfect! I read all the reviews on the MW1 wired remote. I installed two of these on my boat. Wow they are really nice and easy to install. Works perfectly with the Y cable and extended cable (only 10" long on the remote) and make it so easy when the radio is in the glove box. Now I can operate stereo system without opening the glove box straight from the remotes..."

Written by Les on March 8, 2017


"I was very happy to replace my 15 year Clarion remote with this ... Easy to operate and easy to see in bright sun - this fit easily into my dash. I'm thrilled to have music on my boat again!"

Written by LPGG on March 16, 2017

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