November 21, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 19
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Austin Keen in Switzerland!
Stunning video produced by our friends at Lume Cube,
showcase top athlete's skills in Swiss landscape

Known for its incredible views, emerald lakes, dense forests, and snowy mountains, Interlaken, Switzerland is one of the premiere destinations for travelers and adventure-seekers alike. Enter Devin Graham, aka Devinsupertramp. Devin is one of the top action sports and adventure videographers in the world, and our friends at Lume Cube tapped his skills to produce this incredible video, chronicling the adventures of the world's top action sports athletes. One of those athletes, Clarion-sponsored Austin Keen, can be seen ripping waves, hang-gliding over immense valleys, and even bungee-jumping 500 feet down to cold, mountain lakes.
Devinsupertramp claims nearly 4.8M subscribers on YouTube, with nearly 1B collective views. This video, in it's first date, has been shared across the social sphere by professional athletes, all while bringing new eyes to the Clarion Marine Ambassador: Austin Keen.

Watch the video above, and be on the lookout for future projects between Lume Cube and Clarion Marine!

Developing and Advancing Marine Connectivity & Communication Standards
Did you know Clarion is an active contributing member to NMEA?

Clarion is an active member of NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) and our marine engineering group is heavily involved in the implementation of the NMEA2K protocol. Not long ago, Clarion's engineering team worked hand-in-hand with Navico's team in developing NMEA2K-based Clarion entertainment systems and Navico MFDs compatibility. Similarly, Clarion and Garmin worked closely together to make sure Garmin MFDs support Clarion products. Taking both MFD makers through our thorough compatibility testing resulted in the identification of a number of software issues in NMEA2K implementation that have all been successfully addressed.
Clarion's engineering team participates in NMEA conferences in an effort to contribute to the design and implementation of NMEA2K protocol interface additional PGN (Parameter Group Number) commands related to Entertainment.  Our most recent meeting in September at Bellevue, WA was a notable success and we are looking forward to future events. Also, Clarion has been a Beta test member of OneNet protocol standard since IBEX 2016. In fact, we attended the Kick-Off meeting in January 2017 in Waterford, CT along with the Beta test group. Clarion helped the group to setup the Issue tracking tools such as Gitlab and Trello.

In June 2017, we attended the PlugFest meeting where we were one of the 7 members unveiling our PoC (Proof of Concept) which worked well as it communicated with other PoC devices. Only 3 (Clarion, Rosepoint, Garmin) out of 7 members had PoCs that actually worked together as a system. Clarion is one of the 5 key companies attending early morning (6am PST due to members being in different time-zones) conference calls once every 2 weeks with other Beta test members to provide status updates. So far, Clarion has successfully completed OneNet Discovery (Connectivity), Application Information, PGN transfer modules.
NMEA and IMEA  (International Marine Electronics Association) highly appreciate Clarion's involvement and contribution. Our team is very excited to be a part of the OneNet development group and we are looking forward to assist these organizations in developing the NMEA2K and OneNet protocol specifications. 
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" Works perfectly should have purchased sooner. Easy to control radio from in the water behind the boat.
Written by Bradley Smith on June 30, 2016


" Weather sitting up front of your boat or out in the water drinking a cold one, works GREAT IT FLOATS!!! love it! "

Written by Philip from Nashville, TN on May 11, 2017



" Great sound from a small package. "

Written by Old Man on October 29, 2017


" Perfect size, and the already waterproof connections really made life easy "

Written by Anonymous from DFW, TX 
on October 1, 2017



" Nice looking and sounding speakers in my 22ft bay boat. Easy to install and affordable."
Written by Martin Todd from Mount Pleasant, SC  on March 15, 2017



" Great quality sound, great price "
Written by Tino Hosh on October 23, 2017

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