March 24, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 2
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They Come in All Shapes and Sizes! 
A Quick Look at Marine Radio Options Available Through Clarion

It's no secret that one of the reasons the boating community loves Clarion is because of our extensive line of marine-grade source units that come in all popular shapes and sizes.
Black-Box Systems: As premium-tier boats transition to stylized in-boat infotainment systems that integrate with the other on-board controls, Clarion's black box systems, including the all-new CM4, CM3 and CMS2 systems are ideal choices. Paired with Clarion's MW6 NMEA 2000 adapter, these systems can tap into any new boat's industry standard NMEA 2000 interface, allowing them to not only be controlled from the stylish Clarion control unit, but also the boat's on-board MFD interface.
Gauge Hole Models: For boats with less sophisticated on-board systems, Clarion offers Bluetooth-enabled, all-in-one source units, including the all-new GR10BT Gauge Hole radio. These units fit perfectly in a standard 3-inch instrument panel opening. Launched in March 2017 (see story below), the GR10BT delivers great features and knockout looks!
Standard DIN Radios: Clarion's single and 1.5 DIN  source units, such as the new M606, M505 and M303 models, make for an ideal upgrade for all the older boats out there that have given years of faithful service! What makes these radio styles the perfect choice is the ease of upgrading them, thanks to their standard DIN size, with little or no modification to the boat's instrument panel or dashboard. Even better, with very basic wiring skills, the old system's wiring can be adapted to the new radio's harness!
Learn more about our marine-grade audio source units, speakers, amps, and accessories at .

Latest Clarion Source Unit Hits the Market!
All New Clarion GR10BT Gauge Hole Radio Shipping Now!

Delivering great looks and a long list of features, Clarion's all-new 2017 GR10BT Gauge Hole radio is shipping now!
The GR10BT follows the success of the GR1BT launched in 2016 with enhanced offerings, including Bluetooth streaming, MP3/WMA USB playback, high-performance Global AM/FM/WB tuner, and a 45W x 4 built-in amplifier. With an IPX5-rated water-resistant front panel and an IPX3-rated chassis, the GR10BT is the ideal choice for all boat installations especially those that can take advantage of its shape that fits perfectly in the standard 3-inch cutouts.  
The all-new GR10BT is available now to boat builders directly from Clarion. Specialty marine retailers and dealers have access to the new unit through  Land 'N' Sea Distributing and Sea Wide, while Petra Industries Inc. services the traditional 12V retailers. For more information, please visit or contact your Clarion Sales Representative today!

A Natural Crossover!
Marine and Powersports Markets Share Nearly Identical Product Expectations and Requirements

Many features of a marine product cross over to the powersports market, as both are subject to similar extremes. So, ruggedness and the ability to withstand the elements are key factors when designing electronics for either market. Like most things, however, it's easier said than done!  Here's how we tackle it at Clarion:
Water & Dust Proofing:  Sealing devices from water to the tiniest dust particles prevents unwanted and untimely product failure. Boats may be less subject to dust, but powersports vehicles are affected by both water and dust. Clarion products are designed to repel both!
Ultraviolet Light (UV): UV light weakens product exteriors, discolors surfaces, and can cause product malfunctions over time. By adding UV blocking and performing UV testing, Clarion products are built to withstand long exposures of the destructive UV exposure.
Vibration Testing: Vibration affects anything installed on a vessel or vehicle, causing components to loosen or break. This impacts both electronics and accessory components like mounts and cables, which can lead to product failure. Clarion systems and accessories are tested against vibration and can withstand more than 3G!
Whether it's the salty ocean waves or the mud-packed puddles of the desert, your gear needs to push through. Rely on Clarion as we continue to create purpose-built, rugged, and versatile products!