January 23, 2018 | ISSUE NO. 22
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Clarion Marine Joins Forces with 
Brand Ambassador for Winter Shoot

Over the last two months, the Clarion Marine team has spent multiple days at the Carlsbad Lagoon to capture fun new footage with Professional Wakesurfer and Clarion Marine Ambassador, Austin Keen. Partnering with Liquid Force and their new division WakeFoil, Clarion tapped the video skills of frequent collaborator Danny Kim to capture Austin ' s world-champion skills.
From bowling (see video below) to bungee tow-ins and board transfers (watch video above), Austin made each trick look easy.

Thanks to the unseasonably warm Southern California winter, our Clarion Marine team, Austin Keen, and Liquid Force got together again this week for yet another video shoot. Videographer and former Wakeboarder Keith Kipp came along to capture a full day of incredible footage! Stay tuned to our social channels for this upcoming release!
Clarion Marine on full-display at Clarion & Hitachi Exhibit


Supported by a 30,000 sq./ft. custom-built hybrid exhibit, Clarion and Hitachi joined forces for this year ' s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Located outside in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center (North Plaza NP7), Clarion exhibited and demoed the latest in connected infotainment, ADAS and autonomous driving technologies, while Clarion Marine showed off its 2018 line of product in Vegas for the first time.

The annual showcase for design and innovation provided the perfect backdrop to show off Clarion Marine's sophisticated new design signature for the CM-Series. The 2018 high-performance marine grade speakers, tower speakers and subwoofers even attracted the attention of many automotive partners. The watertight wire connectors, RGB LED illumination and nautical-inspired carbon fiber grill designs are hard to resist!

Design, Performance and a Great Feature Set Make the All-New Clarion CM-Series Speakers a Favorite with Consumers, Dealers, Installers and Boat Builders!

Clarion's launch of the all new CM-series speakers provides a new unique design with a premium look. Backed by unparalleled power handling and an innovative design, the CM-series of speakers can turn any boat into an immersive audio powerhouse.

Heavy Duty Design and Waterproofing
The CM series of speakers were designed to withstand harsh marine environments, all the way down to the connectors included with the speakers. The CM series 6.5" speakers and 10"/12" subwoofers feature built-in waterproof connection ports for both audio and LED lightning, as well as waterproof connectors to be used during installation. In addition to the rugged design, all Clarion CM-series speakers are designed to withstand the testing standards of ASTM D4329 and B117 for UV and Salt Fog exposure.

Superior Power Handling and Design
With a maximum wattage of 200 watts (6.5") with 80 watts RMS, 800 watts (10") with 250 watts RMS and 1000 watts (12") with 300 watts RMS power, the CM-Series speakers and subwoofers provide top tier power and audio clarity to the marine market. With the newly introduced CM series design, Clarion speakers and subwoofers go beyond our competitors by integrating hidden screw cavities, woven voice coil wiring and more, giving a reliable product offering with a clean premium look.

Multi-Color LED Lighting
To liven up the speakers, RGB LED lighting has been added to the CM-Series of speakers and subwoofers. Utilizing the built-in waterproof connectors, our RGB LEDs featured on the CM-Series of speakers can be wired to provide a permanent color solution or integrated into an existing RGB LED controller for custom colors on the fly. Featuring red, green and blue tri-color LED, the CM-Series speakers can create over 16-million combinations of color when used with an RGB LED controller allowing for extreme color customization.
Fresh New Look
Designed in Southern California, Clarion's CM-series speakers were inspired by a Virginia-class submarine propeller! Featuring a distinctly unique propeller blade clad in carbon-fiber style material, the speakers feature a strikingly fresh and attractive look. In addition, they are available in black or silver, making them fit fashionably to the interior, or exterior, of many boats, old or new.

Whether you are looking for a new install, or to enhance your audio experience, the Clarion CM-Series speakers will take your audio experience to the next level of audio immersion. The first batch of the CM-series speakers have already been mass produced in Asia and are on their way to Clarion's distribution facilities in the United States.

Contact your Clarion sales representative today for more information or to place your CM-series order.

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" Bought to replace similar older model. Definitely a significant difference in sound quality. Happy with purchase. Good sound quality!
Written by Anonymous from Richmond, VA on July 26, 2017


" Works great for houseboat. Now we have tunes again. "
Written by Remi on January 8, 2018


" Works excellent! "
Written by Amazon Customer on December 8, 2017



" For its size, the power is just phenomenal! It's actually probably too much for the speakers that I have upgraded in my car now. So I might have to get better speakers... "

Written by Vonrick on January 12, 2018


"Using this in my Yamaha SX192 Boat. Works great, woke up the Polk speakers, amp isn't even half way up. Easy install, compact, great for marine use. "
Written by Vincent on July 28, 2017


" Very impressed with this amp in every way. Very small and light. Puts out some great clean power. Quiet turn on/off and no noise... I'm very pleased with this amp. "

Written by Kristi on July 28, 2017


"This amp sounds absolutely ridiculous! In the best way possible!! You would not believe the sound!"
Written by Jam on December 18, 2017



" Great product, works perfectly."
Written by Steve from Old Lyme, CT  on September 30, 2017



" This item came as advertised plugged right in and works great. "

Written by Chris from Springfield, OH on May 9, 2017

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