April 20, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 4
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Your Music,Your Way, Anywhere!
Pick a Different Source per Zone with the All-New CMS4's True Multi-Zone Feature.  

While many source units currently on the market claim to offer multi-zone capability, the all-new Clarion CMS4 brings you a true multi-zone, multi-source solution. With most competitor systems, zone configuration is limited to volume control and, in some cases, you'll also get to enjoy independent sound controls to change the bass or treble per zone. The CMS4 goes a giant step forward by providing not just full zone configuration, but also volume control, presets, and the long-coveted ability to pick a different source for each of the 4 zones.
So, what does this mean and how is it different than other units on the market?  The key difference is the ability to have a unique source in each zone. Most multi-zone solutions may allow you to configure audio volume and other settings for each zone, but are limited to a single source playing such as FM, USB, Bluetooth, etc. throughout all zones. With the CMS4, you can configure each zone with a different source such as Zone 1 as Bluetooth audio and Zone 2 as FM radio, and so on. This gives you complete freedom to cater to the different music tastes throughout your boating experience. 
The all-new CMS4 is available now to boat builders directly from Clarion. Specialty marine retailers and dealers have access to the CMS4 through  Land 'N' Sea Distributing  and  Seawide. Visit www.clarionmarinesystems.com  for more information. 

Big Sound, Pure and Simple
Clarion's Powerful 8.8" Marine Speaker is Perfect for Larger Boats

Clarion's CM2223R speaker system is designed to meet the requirements of an 8.8-inch speaker installation. Delivering exceptional fidelity and high-performance sound while keeping in mind the affordability factor, the CM2223R is a compelling solution to bring big sound to big boats. Try to imagine installing this system in smaller boats for more of that pure sound!
Backed by Clarion's stringent and marine-specific standards, the CM2223R speaker system is thoroughly tested against prolonged exposure to harsh marine and outdoor environments. Designed to withstand long-term UV exposure and salt spray, this speaker system brings reliable and clear audio to every installation. 
The CM2223R is available now to boat builders directly from Clarion. Specialty marine retailers and dealers have access to the CM2223R through  Land 'N' Sea Distributing  and  Seawide. Visit www.clarionmarinesystems.com  for more information.

Pump Up the Bass  and Light Up the Night!
Clarion's CMQ2512WL Subwoofer Delivers Deep Sound and Great Looks

Everyone knows that taking your audio experience to the next level calls for a kickass subwoofer. The new Clarion CMQ2512WL is designed to do exactly that for boat installations with its marine-grade features and resilience! Bui lt to withstand some of the toughest environments while still providing deep, heavy  bass, this great-looking subwoofer pumps out 600 watts of power and offers a high-impact ASA grille to keep the party rocking.
Speaking of parties, if you're looking to provide some extra lighting for night events or impress your audience beyond pumping out deep sound from your boat's audio system, you'll love the cool blue LED illumination of the CMQ2512WL! Shining through with an even, comforting glow to create a premium, sleek look, this subwoofer will fit right in on any boat.
The all-new CMQ2512WL is available now to boat builders directly from Clarion. Specialty marine retailers and dealers have access to the CMQ2512WL through Land 'N' Sea Distributing  and Seawide.
www.clarionmarinesystems.com  for more information.