May 4, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 5
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Clarion Marine Goes Social!
Music Video Ushers Clarion Marine to a New Era of Coolness!
On April 28, 2017,  Clarion Marine officially launched on social media with a big splash! The  "I Don't Want To Go To Work" original music video by  Funk Shui Planet went live on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at 10:00am with an overwhelming number of views and shares!

Within just a couple of hours of the launch of the video, thousands of fans and enthusiasts viewed the video on Clarion's marine-only Facebook page, as well as through skimboarding champion Austin Keen 's Instagram post, which directly linked to Clarion Marine's Facebook page. Austin Keen is an accomplished and popular watersports personality and also a brand ambassador for several brands involved in sports and marine markets, including Liquid Force

If you have not yet seen the music video, click below!
In the next few weeks, Clarion Marine will initiate several other exciting activities and cool contests, so now is the time to join the Clarion Marine family and enjoy the festivities. Clarion Marine Facebook and Instagram pages/tags can be found at the links below.
IG and FB: @ClarionMarine

Good Things Do Come in Small Packages!
Clarion Mini Marine Amps Deliver Big Sound
Installing a proper marine audio system can sometimes prove challenging, especially when running into a snag with the overall size of the amplifier. Finding where to place an amp or how to mount it can be quite the chore, depending on the size and type of boat. With Clarion's XC-series marine amplifier, the size and mounting concerns are irrelevant! They jam pack a ton of features into a micro sized form factor. 

In addition to the miniature size, the XC line of amplifiers are conformal coated an d utilize corrosion-resistant nickel-plated RCA, power, and speaker connections. By including the coating and corrosion resistance, XC amplifiers can be mounted nearly anywhere on a boat, regardless of the environment.

On top of being extremely small and seriously well-built for marine applications, the XC line of amplifiers provide great power from 400 to 700 watts, and a solid audio experience at either 2 or 4 ohms.

The XC line of amplifiers are available in one, four, and five channel configurations. Boat Builders can purchase directly from Clarion while specialty marine retailers and dealers have access to the XC family of amps through Land 'N' Sea Distributing and Seawide. Premier 12V specialists across Southeastern United States can order Clarion Marine Products from  Vickers AV . Visit  for more information.
Perfect Vision Despite the Elements!
Enhance Your Eyes and Ears with a Marine-Grade Camera System

If you have ever captained a tow boat (or even been on one), you know how important it is to keep an eye on those having fun behind the boat. That's not an easy task, though, as you're still driving the boat and worrying about stuff happening forward of the boat! Enter  Clarion's CC720 and CC520 camera systems , featuring wide angle views of up 160-degrees (horizontal viewing angle). They are designed to ensure that you can see your precious cargo behind you at any time with HD-style vision featuring 348,160 active pixels (CC720 model).

With an industry benchmark 0.1lux light sensitivity and special hydrophobic coating to repel water, Clarion cameras provide exceptional visibility day or night, rain or shine. Boasting IP67 rating, the CC720 and CC520 cameras are capable of taking on elements such as water, dirt, or dust without jeopardizing functionality, performance, and longevity.

Utilizing a small form factor and an included long-length installation cable, either camera system can be mounted with ease on almost any boat. The Clarion CC720 also features a built-in microphone, providing audio near the camera as an extra safety measure.

Clarion camera systems are available to boat builders directly from Clarion. Specialty marine retailers and dealers have access to the Marine cameras through Land 'N' Sea Distributing and  Seawide  while Vickers AV supports premium 12V dealers across Southeast United States with their marine product needs. Visit  for more information.