May 18, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 6
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Strict Standards for Impeccable Quality
Clarion Marine Products Meet or Exceed AST M Standards    
When comparing products made for marine applications, it is important to look past simple product marketing descriptions that casually mention "marine-grade," "water-resistant," "UV-resistant," etc. While products benefiting from these types of descriptions may have had gone through some testing against the elements, it is much better to measure those tests against industry standards, as opposed to arbitrary test plans of a manufacturer. Unlike many other brands, Clarion subjects its entire marine product line to two specific industry standards, ASTM B117 and ASTM D4329.

ASTM ( American Society for Testing and Materials ) is a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of voluntary consensus standards.These s tandards are used around the world to improve product quality.  ASTM B117 specifically tests for Salt Spray and provides a corrosive environment to check how the elements will affect product functionality and lifespan. In addition to B117, Clarion also adheres to  ASTM D4329 which subjects the product to Ultraviolet (UV) light to make sure the plastics are resistant to deterioration of its electrical, mechanical, or optical properties.

Meeting or surpassing both ASTM B117 and ASTM D4329 are vital to the longevity and correct operation of marine-grade products. Clarion's product development efforts revolve around thoroughly testing our product lines against industry standards to make sure our audio equipment is there whenever you need it.

Choose Wisely!
Picking the Right Marine Speaker Can be a Daunting Task

Not all marine speakers are created equal. Once again, it is one thing to say a speaker is marine-grade and it's another thing to actually make it marine-grade! Clarion's CMQ and CMG lines both provide a range of speakers specifically designed and manufactured for marine use. 

The CMG series is the standard marine-grade speaker line designed to provide clear audio in a cost-effective way. The most popular model, CMG1622R, is a standard 6.5-inch Coaxial 2-way speaker, providing up to 100 watts of maximum power handling.

If you are looking to step up the power and quality of sound, the CMQ line is the way to go. The best-selling CMQ1622RL is our premium 6.5-inch Coaxial speaker that supports up to 200 watts of maximum power handling. It also features built-in blue LED lighting and a die cast aluminum basket, making sure your sound is pushed through the speaker and not lost in basket vibrations.

When making a choice between the Clarion CMG and CMQ series of speakers, you need to first look to your source unit and amplifier to make sure you are maximizing your speaker's power potential. No matter what your choice is, Clarion's truly marine-grade products will provide quality sound and the durability you expect.
Take Control of Your Boat Audio
Clarion Remote Controls Provide Exceptional Convenience 

Clarion offers a wide range of remote controls designed specifically for controlling audio throughout the boat. With multiple models available to achieve remote controllability, such as the MW1, MW3 and MW4 marine remote, there's always a model that will suit your boat's needs perfectly.
  • The MW1 provides a 2-link text LCD display to view your music and source unit menu with full access to source unit control such as Pause/Play, Fast Forward/Rewind, and more in a small gauge hole style form factor.
  • The MW3 remote unit provides the same exact functionality as the MW1 in a more rectangular style design.
  • The MW4 is an advanced remote offering a 2.8-inch optically bonded color LCD and IP66 dust/water ingress protection rating. This model is designed specifically to work with Marine black box source systemsHowever, it is also backwards compatible with other Clarion marine source models such as the M303, M505, CMS4, and more.
When outfitting a boat with a source unit, it is important to have easily accessible controls placed throughout. By placing a remote at the helm or center console, you can keep the source unit in the cabin for accessibility inside and out. If you are installing on a sport boat, such as one used for skiing or surfing, many boats prefer to have a remote on the rear platform giving access to swimmers and guests hanging towards the rear of the boat. Whatever your boat layout may be, Clarion marine source units and remote accessories can fit the needs of your audio system requirements.