June 1, 2017 | ISSUE NO. 7
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Louder, Bigger, Better!
The Real Magic of Clarion's XC Marine Amplifiers
Marine sound systems come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Smaller boats tend to use a source unit and speakers only, while larger vessels have room to grow by adding additional speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. Regardless of the boat's size, environmental issues such as engine noise, air or water noise, and other outside sounds impact the fidelity of audio played back on a boat.
Get Loud
When playing audio on a boat with a simple source unit and speaker setup, there are limitations to how loud and clear the source unit can produce sound through speakers. Take a source unit like Clarion's flagship
CMS4 Marine Black box solution, which puts out approximately 45W per speaker. A 6.5-inch Clarion CMQ speaker tied to the CMS4, however, is capable of handling up to 200W of power. In order to achieve the maximum output of 200W of power from the radio, adding an amplifier is the only practical solution, providing users with the highest power output to maximize the speaker's potential resulting in clear, high fidelity audio. This can be extremely useful when a sound system is competing for air space, engine noise, water sounds, and other audible noises.
Customizing Your Sound
In addition to increasing the sound presence by providing more power, a marine amplifier also provides more adjustments to the quality of audio being produced. Whether the goal is to clip out certain frequencies or increase channel gains, an amplifier provides the ability to fine tune the audio experience and create customizable sound.
Add a Little Boom!
Another benefit of adding a marine amplifier to a boat's audio system is gaining access to a subwoofer. Marine subwoofers are designed with infinite baffle, which provides a great bass presence even when exposed to a ton of air space. Without an amplifier connected to a source unit, it will be impossible to connect a subwoofer and provide the bass response we are accustomed to in other vehicles.
No matter what size boat an installer is customizing, the Clarion XC line of marine amplifiers provide top quality sound and have been thoroughly tested against salt water and UV exposure. 
The XC line of amplifiers are available in one, four and five channel configurations. They are available now to boat builders directly from Clarion. Specialty marine retailers and dealers have access to the XC family of amps through  Land 'N' Sea Distributing and Seawide, while Vickers AV supports premium 12V specialist across Southeast United States with their marine product needs. Visit  www.clarionmarinesystems.com  for more information. 

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?
LED Lighting Invades the Marine Market!

Looking at the market simplistically, one can argue that speakers today are made for two types of customers: those looking for just audio, and those looking for an "audible experience." For those simply looking for basic audio, a standard non-lit speaker system will work perfectly fine. But for those looking to impress and add some pizzazz, bring in some mood lighting with an LED-lit speaker! With the Clarion CMQ1622RL speaker and CMQ2512WL subwoofer, we fulfill expectations for high-quality sound and great visuals with vibrant LED lighting.
Two Birds, One Speaker
While the main purpose of the speaker is to provide clear audio to the listeners, LED-lit speakers provide secondary functionality, such as additional area lighting or, if that is not a necessity, mood lighting (which is always good to have)! With the lighting built into the speaker, this allows the boat owner to avoid adding additional power wiring and lighting fixtures around the boat, while achieving improved visibility during the evening.
Add Beat to the Music
In addition to providing much-needed lighting (or just mood lighting), some boat accessories provide more versatility and improve interactivity between lighting and sound, such as adding a visual beat to the music! These interfaces allow boaters to connect their LED systems on the boat and speakers to their radios and provide an immersive visual experience through lighting controls.
Whatever the reason is for adding speakers to a boat, Clarion LED marine speakers offer a great deal of value and performance when it comes to providing consistent sound and a memorable visual presence to any boat.
The LED line of Clarion marine speakers are available now to boat builders directly from Clarion. Specialty marine retailers and dealers have access to the LED speakers through Land 'N' Sea Distributing and Seawide, while Vickers AV supports premium 12V specialist across Southeast United States with their marine product needs. Visit www.clarionmarinesystems.com for more information. 

Let It Shine!
Consumers Love Their Clarion Marine Products

At Clarion Marine, we take end-user input seriously, so we often look at the reviews posted online. We think it's great to share some of the more memorable ones with the Mariner readers, so here are a few for this issue of the publication:

About Clarion MW1 


"This is the best thing for the captain's chair in my boat. Before, I always had to ask the passenger to make adjustments to the stereo while steering. Now, all I have to do is reach to the right of the steering wheel. It even tells me the artist name, song title, or station I am listening to. That's a plus. I have enough control from the captain's chair to control the audio system remotely. How did I ever live without this?"
Troy from Pensacola, FL, on 4/12/2017

About Clarion XC2510 


"I really like the unit. It is so easy to tune my system and it produces nice clean power to my speakers..."
Marcus from Kailua, HI, on 1/1/2017

About Clarion MF1
"Whether sitting up front of your boat or out in the water drinking a cold one, works GREAT & IT FLOATS!!! Love it!
Philip from Nashville, TN, on 5/11/2017