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What Do We Mean By Content Marketing?
The term "content marketing" has certainly been used ad nauseam over the last 2-3 years. It is undoubtedly important to a lot of marketers, but what exactly is it? Find out  here. 
Book Review: SEO For Growth
We've mentioned this book in the last few blog posts. Finally you get a full review and why we think this would be the perfect gift for the business person in your life. Read all about it   here. 
We know that there is nothing you would rather do next Black Friday apart from reading our weekend reader. Nonetheless, we are going to deny you that pleasure, and next week there will be silence on the Clayman front. Therefore, we want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy, safe, and peaceful Thanksgiving, full of tryptophan and pie! We'll see you on the flip side.
Running Your Business
Giving Tuesday
You've probably heard of Cyber Monday, and you almost certainly have heard of Black Friday. What you might not have heard of before is Giving Tuesday, which is always the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Giving Tuesday can encapsulate all kinds of actions, and it's a great way to get your company involved in the giving spirit the holidays represent. Learn more about this movement right here
How Are People Going To Shop On Black Friday?
What traditions do you honor every year when Black Friday comes around? We're talking about the REAL Black Friday, not this business about Black Friday already being here. Do you like to trudge out to the stores while your belly is still full, or do you like to curl up with some television marathon and shop online? 

Mashable shared a pretty amazing Black Friday tracking program that shows what people are expected to buy and how they're going to go about making their purchases. You can find that here, but be warned, it's hypnotic!
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The Happiest You'll Ever Hear Metallica
What would "Enter Sandman" sound like if it was played on kids' instruments? Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, now we know! Take a watch and be prepared to smile! 

Where Does Thanksgiving Come From, Anyway?
As we get ready to glut ourselves on far too much food and bury ourselves in familial togetherness, you might wonder for a moment just where this crazy, gratitude-laden holiday got its start. has the answer just for you. 
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