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Fake News or Us: Which is the Real Problem?

Lots of people are wringing their hands about the "fake news" epidemic, and well they should. There is an important question, however. Is fake news the real problem, or is it us, the people who send traffic to fake news sites? Read more here
Social Media Makes Us All Marketers

People tend to look askance at marketers. "Marketers don't tell the truth." "Marketers are always only in it for themselves. "We have some bad news, though. Social Media makes us ALL marketers. Learn how here

OK, yes, it's true. This is our last enewsletter for 2016. Our egos can take the fact that you might not want to read our content on Christmas Eve Eve Day or New Years Eve Eve Day. We don't want to create a moral conundrum for you, so we thought we would just take the last two weeks off.

Before we sign off on 2016 (and like everyone, we aren't sad to say those words), we have a few last morsels of wisdom for you. 

Have a very safe, merry, and peaceful holiday season, and we'll see you on the first Friday of 2017!

Running Your Business
It's the End of the Year as We Know It

The end of the year is a joyous time, but there are also some important things businesses should take care of at this time of year. QuickBooks has created a very helpful step-by-step list of what you should do before the lights go out on December 31st. You can see that here

Kill Em With Kindness          

It's the holidays, when we all reflect about those we love, those with whom we work, with and those customers or clients who make it all possible.

I always remind our people that we are in the service business and that means with a capital S. People don't have to use our services. They work with us because they appreciate what we do and how we do it. Our job is to do quality work, provide professional and time-tested marketing consul and deliver the work on time and at a competitive price.

So, I want to take this time to thank our valued clients for trusting in us for yet another year. It is our honor to work with you and we look forward to an even better year in 2017.

There is so much divisiveness in the world today, maybe it's time to just kill them with kindness!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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The Casual Corner
Christmas for Hanukkah

I saw a meme the other day that said, "Jews are finally getting what they always wanted for Hanukkah. Christmas!" This year, Hanukkah begins on Christmas Eve, and all jokes aside, this is a great time to learn about a religion that might not be yours. Most of all, it's a great opportunity to merge food traditions! Here are some great Hanukkah recipes for you to try on Christmas Eve. 
The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year

Anyone in design waits with baited breath to find out what the color of the year will be. Pantone named two colors for 2016, which is probably why the year ended up being so strange. The color of the year for 2017 is Greenery. You can read all about Greenery here. What do you think of this color?
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