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America's Brand
If you were asked to define or describe America's brand, what would you say? When we picture the US as a company, say, who has a brand that everyone should be on board with, we see that there is not a lot of agreement. However, if we stop and think about the big picture, there may be more agreement than we realize. Read more here
Why You Should Work with an Agency on Your New Website
Developing a new company website is probably one of the more intimidating things you can work on as a company. Working with an agency can help iron out a lot of the complexities you run into on projects like this. Learn how and why right here
Today is Veterans Day, a day when we make sure to pause and thank our men and women in service. This should be done every day, of course, but perhaps today especially. We've gathered up some content related to this holiday for your weekend reading. We hope you have a good weekend, and thank you to all who have served.
Running Your Business
Starbucks Serves Up Assistance for Veterans
CEO Howard Schultz recently discussed the Starbucks policy of hiring veterans on CNBC. Starbucks has been working on this initiative for three years now, in addition to sending whole beans and Via coffee mix to soldiers abroad. If your company is contemplating hiring more veterans, listening to Schultz talk about his efforts may be helpful. You can see his interview here
Veterans Can Be the Perfect Addition to Your IT Team
Are you having a hard time finding vetted employees to fill out your IT team? This Wall Street Journal blog post suggests you look for veterans who are currently seeking jobs. Want to know why? Read the article here
"Can We All Get Along?"
In 1991, after Rodney King was continually clubbed by LA police on camera after he was pulled over after a high speed chase, he uttered those fateful words. And even though we might all wish those words had come from a dignitary who was trying to bring the world together, we'll take that advice wherever we can get it.
Now that our contentious election has been decided, not only do we need to get along as a country, it reminds me of the importance of getting along with all of the different kinds of people we interface with every day.
In business, this is a requirement for success. We all have to get along with people we may have differences with or may not particularly like but in the interest of the common good or just getting the job done, we have to put those differences aside. There is good in all of us and as long as we focus on the good, the bad will not rule the day.
One of my keys to success is my ability to get along with a wide variety of people. I actually relish meeting people with different views than mine and with different perspectives. This widens my own view of the world. If we only talk to people who see the world as we do, we are living in that bubble. There is a great big world out there outside of that bubble.
It's time to explore it.

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Why Do We Mark Veterans Day on 11/11?
Curious about how Veterans Day got started and why it's always marked on November 11th? Read all about it   here. 

How to Mark Veterans Day Appropriately
If you have never served, you may be wondering what the best ways are to mark (celebrate seems like a weird word) Veterans Day. offers some advice here
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