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How Do You Make Time for Content Marketing?
Content Marketing has been a buzz phrase for about three years now. The concept of it is great, but as soon as you start telling an overworked business owner that they need to try to write a blog post a week, you realize that they just feel like there is not enough time in the day. What can you do? Click   here to read some of our suggestions.
Can We Stop Ripping Off Small Businesses Now?
One thing we are really proud of here at C&A is that we tend to work with smaller companies. Far too often, our first meeting involves hearing about how a previous agency or marketer really took advantage of the company's shortage of time or marketing knowledge. We talk more about that  here.

What a week, eh?!? The Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs took everyone for quite a ride, and even people who aren't usually baseball fans got involved in the fun. Well, some might call it fun, others <cough> may call it torture. We're also in the last week before the election, so...well. There's that. 

This week we talked about content marketing and the very disturbing trend of marketers taking small businesses for a ride (and we don't mean a fun ride). We've gathered up a lot of other cool content for you, too. 

We look forward to your comments, and have a great weekend! Don't forget to turn those clocks back!

Running Your Business
Cloud Computing is Not Just an Update
Cloud cloud cloud. We seem to see this word more and more often where computing is concerned. Companies are feeling a lot of pressure to stay on top of new technology, but transitioning to cloud computing is not just a tech update, it's a culture change. Read more about this important issue in Forbes, in an article you can find  here. 

A Reading List for Innovation and Creativity
What do you get that creative person in your life who has everything? Inc Magazine kindly put together a list of the best books written about innovation and creativity in 2016. It practically reads like a shopping list! Check it out  here.

Branding Needs Appropriate Follow-Through. . .Even in Professional Sports--Especially in Professional Sports
There was a time when baseball was king. It was truly the American Pastime. Then the NFL grew like a monster, escaped its cage and starting eating the world. Nobody could argue that the NFL wrote the book on how to brand a league, how to promote its stars and how to add additional days to the schedule (other than Sunday) to extend the fun and satiate our continuing need to consume football games.
But a strange thing happened on the way to the bank. Concussions, restrictive rules, a divisive tension between almost all players and "the league." The result is that while the NFL did a great job building the brand, they forgot how to protect it, and they are now paying the price with double digit drops in viewership. Like a pharmaceutical company that has a monopoly on a patented new drug, patents run out after a period of time and you better have a Plan B.
Now, we have just come off the highest rated World Series in years and everyone jumped on the bandwagon for a championship featuring the two teams with the longest championship droughts in baseball. While baseball does not have to deal with concussions like football does (at least not the quantity), baseball has its own issues. Length of game leads the gripes. There were numerous playoff games this year that topped off over 4 hours for a nine-inning game. No matter how big a baseball fan you are (and I'm all in), that takes quite a commitment.
There are no lifetime warranties in sports loyalties. You have to keep earning the fan's interest and respect every day. The NFL has proven that no matter how much money you throw at it, your #1 goal has to be to entertain the fan. Isn't that why they play the games? Otherwise, just play them in some undisclosed location and report the scores online the next day so fantasy leagues can do their thing.
All of this also holds true for business. Having a great brand is powerful, but having a large share of the market or a lot of brand supporters does not guarantee you will forever ride high. Brand maintenance means listening to your customers, addressing issues, and staying ahead of the curve. We'll see if Major League Baseball can keep this tide of popularity rolling. 

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Professional Photography Really Does Matter
If you thought the Cubs win in the World Series would put a stop to nitpicking in the Windy City, think again! We have to agree with this article, though. Professional photography does make a difference. Read all about it here. 

Beware the Christmas Creep
I love the holiday season. I love being mushy, I love the food (oy) and everything about it. But seeing Christmas commercials during game 7 of the World Series was a little weird. It turns out a lot of people complain about what's now called the "Christmas Creep," but we all keep buying earlier and earlier. Read more about this conundrum    here. 
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