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Think Inside the Box

One of the most common sayings you hear in business and in marketing is, "Think outside the box." It may surprise you, then, to hear us suggest it might be time to think INSIDE the box.
Read why here
What Happened at CES 2017

CES often sets the technology trend for the whole year. The huge Las Vegas show always takes place early in January, before you've even had time to take in the new year. Instead of just hazarding guesses as to what the big take-aways will be in 2017, we decided to talk to three experts who were actually there. Read THEIR takes  here
Why Your Awareness Campaign Isn't Working

What does mayo on a Reeses Cup have to do with Autism? I have no idea either, but that is a facet of a recent awareness campaign I encountered online. If you want to raise awareness, make sure you are actually, well, raising awareness. Read more  here

Boo! Are you scared? If you're reading this you've made it through most of Friday the 13th. Congratulations! Friday the 13th has never bothered me much. I guess the world is crazy enough every day, anyway. A specific date doesn't make a difference!

This week on the blog, we talked about boxes, CES, and awareness campaigns. We've got some notes for you in this edition on some exciting things happening down here in Marietta. You should come on down (or up) and visit our fair town sometime soon.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!
Running Your Business
What the ACA Repeal Could Mean for Your Business

A lot of the talk this week has focused on the looming repeal of the ACA (Obamacare). Paychex, a prominent payroll company, offers a good rundown of what businesses should know right now. Learn more here

Whoever Owns the Content Owns the World
It used to be all about the cable companies. They were the kings of the content highway. Time Warner vs Comcast in a bloody, winner takes all cage match. But then, a funny thing happened on the way to the bank. Young people started unplugging. They started to rely on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and just whiling away the hours watching cat videos on youtube. HBO made a major move by doing a run-around on the cable companies and allowing people to sign up for HBO Go sans a cable.
Now Apple is joining the fray. They will be looking to develop their own programming and they have the power to completely change the terrain. Apple is largely in the hardware business. They sell stuff in the form of computers, phones and tablets (does anybody still buy ipods?). I guess they are feeling lonely being left out of the Golden Globes where Netflix and Amazon are racking up awards and Apple is standing on the sidelines. Suffice to say, nobody knows what the content landscape will look like 5 years from now. Nobody could have predicted 10 years ago where we would be today. Cable companies were still spending a fortune enticing everybody to bundle their internet, TV and home phone for the fantastic low price of just under $200 (if you wanted all of the premium stations). Things are changing faster than most of us can keep up. But with Apple jumping into the content biz, all bets are off. Everybody is probably wondering WWSJD (what would Steve Jobs do)?

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The Casual Corner

Last weekend there was a lot of excitement here in Marietta. The Small Business Revolution team visited because Marietta is in the running to win a $500,000 prize. The SBR supports small towns that support small businesses, and Marietta definitely qualifies. The SBR visited our sister company, The Galley, for lunch. Over the next couple of weeks you'll see us share posts on Facebook with the #MyMarietta hashtag. Please share as the more hashtag usage there is, the better chance Marietta will have of winning!
Ever Feel Like This At Work?

A friend of mine posted this video to Facebook earlier this week and I found it very true to life. Watch the video   here and let us know if you find it relatable, too.
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