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When Your Competitor Won't Fight

Sometimes you try to nudge a competitor into some friendly (or not) competitive banter, and they just won't budge. What do you do when that happens? We have some suggestions for you here.  
Navigating Today's Stormy Social Media Waters

Do you remember when social media used to be a sort of fun and relaxing break from every-day life? I almost remember it too. These days it's hard to know what to say or when to be silent. If you're using a corporate account, it's ten times more complex. Don't worry. We have some ideas for you here
Corporate Accounts and the Social Media Echo Chamber

You hear a lot about the "social media echo chamber" these days where individual accounts are concerned, especially in regards to politics. Companies need to worry about echo chambers, too, however. Read why we think so here

It's Friday, and it's not just any Friday. Today is the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday! Do you have any horses in the game? I am of course shocked to find that my Cleveland Browns did not make it to the big game again. I was so sure they would this year...

Now that we have that laugh out of the way, this week we have a lot of emphasis on social media. The days of cat videos have come to an end. It's a volatile new world, and companies need to understand how to deal with what to say or, more difficult, how to stay quiet. 

We hope you enjoy this e-newsletter, your weekend, and the Super Bowl (or Sunday).
Running Your Business
Learning from Returning Versus New Visitors in Google Analytics

If you have ever dug into your website's Google Analytics, you may have noticed the stats pertaining to "new visitors" and "returning visitors." Like SHIFT Communication's Christopher Penn, you may have wondered exactly what the relevance was of these stats. Well, he found an answer, and it's really interesting (if you're an analytics geek). Read more here. If you want us to do some digging for you, just let us know!

Some Marketing Thoughts for 2017

MarketingProfs, a resource we have trusted for about ten years now, published a social media and video forecast for 2017 that we thought you'd find interesting. If you have any questions about this information let us know! The article is here

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Super Bowl Recipes for Winners!

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party? Did you just realize you have no idea what you're going to be serving? Don't worry. We have you covered. Check out these recipes and next week let us know what you tried!
A Super Bowl Commercial Preview

What big companies have invested in those coveted Super Bowl spots for 2017? Advertising Age has put together a comprehensive chart summarizing who will be advertising and what their messages are. Now you can talk knowledgeably about the ads without even watching the game (not that anyone would do THAT). You can read that article here

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