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Snapchat--We're Missing the Point

There is pretty much no neutral ground where Snapchat is concerned. People either think it's the best thing since sliced bread or they hate it without question. The fact is, we think Snapchat is pretty magical. Read why here
You Don't Know As Much As You Think

It is very easy to become professionally 
complacent. You get used to your customers being in certain patterns, you get used to your competition doing the same old things, and after awhile you think, "I know all there is to know." Things are always changing, however, and refusing to continue to learn can actually mean the end of your business. Read why  here
Securing Your Corporate Social Media Accounts

There was a lot of talk this week about some Twitter accounts that were "taken over" by former employees. Most people got enmeshed in what the tweets were saying, but there's a moral to this story. Find out what it is  here

Hello and TGIF! (Or Saturday, depending on when you're reading this). It was a busy week here at Clayman & Associates, which is just how we like it. Right now we are getting some snow flurries, which is to be expected in January. The only problem is that just a few days ago we were seeing temperatures in the mid-sixties. Oh well.

This week we have a diverse range of topics for you, starting with Snapchat and continuing on through some social media security issues. 

We hope you enjoy our e-newsletter, and have a great weekend!
Running Your Business
The One Trait That's The Key to Success

An Army Ranger was interviewed to explore what he felt the key to personal success is. The trait that he chose might not be something that comes to your mind. What would YOU pick? See what he said here

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Flight School

What possible correlation could there be between flight school and running your own business? Entrepreneur Magazine recently wrote a compelling article that proves that actually, there is quite a lot of potential overlap. You can read that article here

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Voting in the Small Business Revolution Contest won't start until February 9th, but everyone is already gearing up to make sure Marietta gets lots of votes. The key for small towns is to make sure people beyond the town's borders vote. Follow our Facebook page to see why we love Marietta, and if you've ever been down here (or if you live here) be sure to use the #MyMarietta hashtag over the next week!
Lost Dogs Find Their Way Home

Are you in need of some happy endings? Thanks to this video from The Dodo, you'll be bawling for entirely happy reasons. Well, some of us may have cried. We won't say who. Check it out here
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