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I'm Not the Real Dread Pirate Roberts

Have you ever watched the movie Princess Bride? If so, you'll recognize this character's name. If not, you can still understand, after reading our post, how this character bears similarities to how companies need to handle their social media accounts. Tantalized? Read more
Don't Let Complacency Win

"Good enough" is a great enemy of excellent work. Companies in the service business are particularly prone to suffer from complacency where their own company is concerned. The customer must come first, after all. However, complacency can be dangerous for any company, no matter what you do. Read more here
The Value of Regular Meditation

Feeling stressed lately? We aren't either, but just in case you ever do feel a little stressed out, meditation can be a big help. Read more about that here (and keep an open mind!). 

Well hi there!

Don't tell anybody, but it looks like we've made it through another week. Even better, Valentine's Day is over, so we can all go back to being mean to each other, right? Just kidding, just kidding.

This week we talked about corporate social media, the evils of complacency, and the benefits of meditation. How's that for well-rounded?

Here in Marietta we're supposed to have spring-like weather this weekend. We wish the same for you, unless you're one of those crazy people who love snow. Either way...

Have a great weekend!
Running Your Business
Do You Know How Climate Could Impact Your Business?

Harvard Business Review posted a fascinating article about the SEC's requirement of companies to disclose climate risks. The new administration may do away with this requirement, but it is still something interesting to think about. The metaphor the article uses is also quite clever. Check it out here
Checking in on Sustainable Supply Chains

Speaking of the environment, we found this article about sustainable supply chain programs very interesting. While there has been a general call for sustainability in supply chains, no one has really decided on the best way to achieve that goal. Read more here

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Sparkle, a Westminster Star

Didn't have a chance to check into Facebook this week? You missed this really amazing video of a 12-year-old papillon named Sparkle, who completed the Westminster agility course in record time. Check it out here, and be amazed! 
All Oscars 2017 Nominations

If you're like me, you realize the Oscars are a week or two away, and at the same time you realize you probably have not seen any of the movies that are being discussed. Well fear not, faithful readers. Here is a list of all of the nominations. The Oscars are February 26th. You have plenty of time to watch everything. 
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