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When Advertising Smelled

The other day, a smell bumped into my nostrils that immediately took me back in time. The smell was paint, but it reminded me distinctly of the huge marker sets designers used to use. Ready to feel some nostalgia? Click here
Why the Mr. Clean Super Bowl Commercial Was One Of The Best

There are two ways to think about commercials that run in those coveted Super Bowl spots. The first way is to rate them based on how memorable or entertaining they are. The second way is to rate them on their actual effectiveness. We have some thoughts on that here
Dear Whatever Your Name Is

Email Marketing is a fantastic way to reach out to individual prospects and/or customers. However, if you botch the greeting, you're really working against your chances for success. We have more on that here

Hello, and happy Friday, or happy weekend as the case may be. We are feeling lovey dovey today, because of course Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

In case some of you just vomited at that announcement, it should also be noted that spring is officially just about 5 weeks away. No matter how you slice it, happiness is coming crashing towards you.

This week on our blog we talked about the Super Bowl (aka the Brand Bowl), a touch of nostalgia, and a bit of email marketing etiquette. We hope you enjoy our tidbits and morsels.

Have a great weekend!
Running Your Business
How To Make Your Customers Love You

We found this clever infographic from Entrepreneur Magazine that efficiently summarizes ways to make sure your customers are head over heels about your company. Some of it may seem obvious at first glance, but the real question is, are you DOING this stuff? Check out the infographic here
Keeping Employees Happy On A Tight Budget

Let's be honest. One of the best ways to keep employees happy is to say, "You have earned a raise." Money makes the world go 'round, and people like to participate in the spinning. However, as so many companies have unfortunately learned over the last few years, there is not always surplus money that can be used to increase employees' pay. Can you still increase contentment amongst your employees when raises aren't an option? Here are some ideas on how to do that. 

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The History of Valentine's Day

How exactly did we end up with this much-loved, much-loathed holiday? Some people think it was concocted by greeting card companies, but as it turns out, the history is a little more colorful than that. Click here to learn more. 
The Worst Valentine's Day Gifts

Are you planning on doing some Valentine's Day shopping this weekend? A few years ago Ellen featured some of the worst gifts women received for the holiday. Take notes, and watch  here

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