How can I obtain statistics on how my members use audio response and online banking?
There are several ways to obtain this data:

  1. To see the total number of active online banking members, use Tool#856 Tiered Svcs Monthly Comparison to display active user counts for any monthly period. (HINT: Click the "Goal 4" button to display this data.) This can be done even if your credit union does not use Tiered Services for any other purpose.
  2. To print a report of usage statistics, use Tool#141 ARU/Online Banking Stats Dashboard.
  3. To see online banking usage stats for a particular member, click the Online Banking button in Inquiry, Phone or Teller to display the online banking usage pop-up window (also includes e-statement and bill pay enrollment status, etc.).
  4. Activity is tracked in file AUDICC, so you can create custom inquiries using Tool#100 CU*BASE Report Builder (Query). Canned queries of this file are available via Tool# 137 ARU Detail Stats and Tool#565 Online Banking Detail Stats (AUDICC). 
  5. Information about authentication types and channels is available in the Online Banking Activity Analysis (Tool 1750). This tool uses the AUDICC file to track data specific to login in activity. 
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