April 30, 2019
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Evidence to Action
Informing climate actions to improve public health.
2:00 PM: Watch House Testimony on Climate Change and Children's Health
Today at 2:00 pm our Co-Director Dr. Aaron Bernstein, who has spent a career caring for children suffering from the health impacts of climate change, will testify before Congress about how government can keep our kids healthy.

A Road Map to Food Security
Drawing from the EAT Lancet Report, we helped develop Harvard's new food standards that show how to support healthy diets and sustainable food systems, which can be scaled beyond Harvard's campus.

Mercury Matters
Our Energy & Health team joined Harvard Law School to submit comments on the proposed rollback of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) by EPA. Inspired by our Mercury Matters fact sheet, the comments highlight the health benefits of MATS.

Knowledge is Power
'Eco-Anxiety': How To Spot It and What To Do About It

Do you have a chronic fear of environmental doom? You are not alone. But you also don't need to feel powerless—individual choices can have a positive impact on climate change.
Allergies and Climate Change

Grab the tissues: A llergy season is coming. We all dread the itchy eyes and runny nose—and climate change is making matters worse. Here's how it works and what you can do to protect yourself from the spring sniffles.
Climate Stories to Help You Sleep at Night
A little something to take the edge off.
The U.S. isn't stalled on climate action.
In the absence of federal policies, cities and states are stepping up:
1. Oregon is finalizing its new carbon cap and investment program

2. Nevada passed its renewable portfolio standard bill, while Maine has introduced a bill of its own.

3. Five states—New Mexico, Maryland, Washington, Minnesota, and Washington—have either passed or on their way to passing a 100 percent clean energy standard. Other states—such as California and New York—have either set deadlines or have pledged to achieve similar goals.

4. Emissions reductions on the way: Colorado’s Assembly passed a bill to reduce emissions 90 percent by 2050, while 23 governors form the US Climate Alliance with reduction goals consistent with those of the Paris Agreement.

5. More than 350 U.S. mayors have adopted Paris Agreement goals for their cities, with more than 100 cities agreeing to move to 100 percent clean energy.

6. 7,000+ cities worldwide have joined the Global Covenant of Mayors to share, implement, and monitor climate action plans.

7. Over two-thirds of mayors who responded to a C2ES survey said they already buy/generate renewable electricity, use green vehicles, and enforce energy efficiency policies for city buildings and operations—and would want to partner with the private sector do more.

Take Gina on Your Commute
Start your day with a dose of climate optimism, brought to you by three fabulous podcasts featuring our Director Gina McCarthy.
Where in the world is Harvard C-CHANGE?
We may be coming to a city near you!
  • May 3. Health Journalism 2019, Baltimore, MD: Find our Co-Director Aaron Bernstein on a panel addressing climate change and its impact on public health at the Association of Health Care Journalists' annual conference. Learn more.
  • May 7. Nursing Summit on Environmental Health, Nashville, TN. Our Director Gina McCarthy will be the closing plenary speaker at this conference hosted by the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments. Learn more.
  • May 7. CleanMed, Nashville, TN. Gina McCarthy will deliver the keynote address at this national conference for leaders in health care sustainability, hosted annually by Health Care Without Harm. Learn more.
  • May 9. Americares Partner Summit, New York, NY. Gina McCarthy will deliver the keynote address and moderate a discussion on "Health and the Human Face of Climate Change." Learn more.
  • May 30. Environmental Media Association's Impact Summit, Beverly Hills, CA. Gina will keynote this summit, which brings together business, academia, the public sector, and Hollywood to network and brainstorm plans that will help our planet, health, and economy. Learn more.
Reflections on Earth Day
Sparking a national debate
On Earth Day, our Director Gina McCarthy reflected on the Cuyahoga River cleanup as a symbol for the nation's progress and resilience: "We underestimate our ability to change, and when we stop polluting and damaging these resources, we underestimate their incredible resilience. Life finds a way."