March 28, 2019
Your monthly dose of good news about climate change.
Need a little pick-me-up? In this issue, we highlight inspirational people, cities, and movements across the globe creating a healthier, more just, and sustainable world. We also explore changes in public opinion after four major climate reports. And we wrap up with a climate action to-do list, because being part of the solution feels good.

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Profiles in Climate Courage
Climate leaders of every age, from every continent, are stepping up.
Will you be next?
The Grist 50 gives us 50 reasons to hope for a healthier, brighter future. The innovators on this list remind us that every problem has a fixer.

Our Director Gina McCarthy joins 99 powerhouse people in Apolitical's World's 100 Most Influential People in Climate Policy. We're grateful for how they inspire us to #ActOnClimate!

Copenhagen wants to show how cities can fight climate change—by going carbon neutral by 2025.

'We're fighting for our lives.' Kids across the world are drawing attention to the way climate change threatens their future.

A Sea Change in Public Opinion
Health motivates Americans to take climate action.
Remember last fall when it seemed each week brought a new report that warned how climate change will harm our health if we don't take action? Even if you can't recall the authors ( IPCC, NCA, WHO, and Lancet, for those keeping track), the message came through loud and clear: According to the American Climate Perspectives Survey 2019 from ecoAmerica, Americans perceive health as a major motivator for climate action.

The top four takeaways:

  • Over half of Americans report experiencing health impacts from climate change
  • Americans believe that creating a safe and healthy climate is a moral imperative
  • Two in three Americans understand that climate solutions benefit their health
  • Americans trust health professionals for information and guidance on climate change
Climate Action To-Do List
Because it feels good to be part of the solution.