August 2020
CVN Frontline services expanded into San Diego
In support of our local community, Cohen Veterans Network (CVN) in collaboration with the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Veterans Village of San Diego wants to share with you a new resource for  Frontline Healthcare Providers   & First Responders.
CVN is now offering San Diego frontline healthcare providers and first responders  online mental health resources including free support groups  and wellness videos. All frontline healthcare providers and first responders in San Diego are able to register for free, online support groups for coping and managing stress. Learn more at:

Cohen Veterans Network made an appearance in the VA Blog which highlighted our  high-quality, accessible and integrated mental health care services. Read more here .

The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Veterans Village of San Diego was featured in San Diego Veterans Magazine following the announcement that CVN was expanding our CVN Frontline services to local frontline health care providers and first responders. Read on here .
The resurgence of COVID-19 may have knocked the new school year out of wack, but our Cohen Clinic's Case Manager, Ashley Tatum, who is a veteran, active duty military spouse and mom, has a few tips to help military children and parents prepare for the start of a not-so-typical classroom setting.

  • Think outside the box. Going to school online lets you set up your child’s classroom wherever it works for you. Some children will function best at the dining room table, free of distractions. Some will do better in their room where they can have music playing in the background or even the family dog sitting nearby.

  • You may find that your child thrives in this learning environment. Once anxious children will find that distance learning relieves them of the pressures a classroom can cause such as not feeling confident in answering questions, not having the ‘coolest’ clothes/phone/haircut etc. If you notice this, mention it to your child. Your family may consider distance learning even once schools open.
  • Not everyone is most productive first thing in the morning. Distance learning allows you and your child the flexibility to work on more challenging assignments when they are more focused. 

  • Encourage your child to take breaks from learning. In a more traditional school setting, they would be having PE, art, music etc to break up their day. Even for the younger kids, just transitioning from one classroom to the next gives their minds a break to regroup. 

  • Try to get the family involved. Get outside for some physical activity, check out Pinterest for some easy art projects and try listening to a new genre of music. 

  • Find ways to be involved in their work. Check in regularly with your child and their teachers, see where they are struggling and where they are thriving. Praise your child and support them when it is needed.

  • Many of the things kids learn in the classroom setting can be applied in real life. Ask what they are discussing in science and try to incorporate into something you can do together-a cooking experiment, a chemical reaction demonstration etc. 

  • Be flexible. As we all know, technology can be a great way to conduct business, but it can be unreliable at times. Zoom calls freeze, internet connectivity goes down. Please be patient and be willing to roll with the punches. This is also a chance to show our children how to handle stressful situations with grace.

  • Reach out to your child’s teacher if you or your child feels overwhelmed. And please be kind to school staff, they love educating your child and are trying their best. This situation isn’t ideal for many of us but remember, we are all trying the best we can!
And finally, remember that our clinic is available to help you through these uncertain times. Feel free to contact us for therapy or resources anytime! 
VIRTUAL SUPPORT GROUPS (Frontline Support group/Insomnia Seminar)
Case Manager Ashley Tatum has provided the following resources for
veterans and military family members.

San Diego For Every Child
This resource can offer assistance with childcare, food and learning options for children.

San Diego County Office of Education
Healthcare first responders, law enforcement and military professionals may call 619-952-0242 to discuss needs with an advisor.

Food for Children
Schools across the county are providing meals for all children in need. Check the link below for locations and hours

Positive Parenting with Jewish Family Services
Free online parenting support. Call 858-637-3375 to obtain code for access
Find more info at

San Diego Food Banks
Locations and times can be found here

Diaper Distribution
Learn more by visiting

San Diego County
Free COVID-19 testing in San Diego County

Sesame Street
Sesame Street has put together videos and other materials to explain COVID-19 to children

Leap to Success
Online classes offered, including weekly stress management classes via Zoom. Contact Kelly Grimes at 760-889-4575 for more information.
The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic
at Veterans Village of San Diego

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