Vol. 1, Issue 2

Fresh Powder near Ten Sleep

Organization of the Month

Tensleep Nowod Trailbreakers, BBORC

As one of the Bighorn Basin Outdoor Recreation Collaborative's flagship organizations, Tensleep Nowood Trailbreakers (TNT) continues to advocate for year-round outdoor recreation and trails. With a mission to "develop, enhance, and maintain trails that are fun to ride, ski, or hike; and they encourage responsible use, personal well being, economic benefit in Washakie County," TNT is a group that is well-versed in the art of collaboration. When they are not out building or grooming trails, TNT members will be found fundraising for their current projects, including a multi-use riverside park in Worland. This park will feature a hard surface bicycle pump track, a disc golf course, and a network of single track trails. Additionally, TNT members are pros at hosting epic events - from the "Sweet Sixteen Snowfest" and the backcountry "Corn Harvest" to the "Bike Rodeo" and the "Tensleep Canyon Bike Shuttle" - these guys know how to have a good time! The TNT "Winter Kickoff" event is not to be missed. If you looking for CJ Grimes, TNT's President, try Willow Park in the Bighorns, Meadowlark Ski Area, or Ten Sleep Brewing - where the Club will most likely be brainstorming their next outdoor recreation project. Interested in learning more about TNT and their work? Follow them on Facebook! @TNTWyo

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Featured Business

Brunton, WRORC

Brunton is one of Wyoming's oldest outdoor brands. It is known around the world for its durable compasses for professional and recreational use. The company's roots are in the geological industry, harkening back to 1894 when D.W. Brunton first patented his pocket transit. This handheld compass significantly decreased the size and weight of surveying equipment at the time, and quickly became the tool of choice for field geologists around the world. In 1972, the company was bought by a group of Wyoming businessmen and moved to Riverton, where manufacturing remains to this day. Brunton branched out into outdoor recreation shortly after the move to Wyoming, manufacturing a variety of baseplate compasses then optics, stoves, and other camping gear. The product line expanded into realms that almost lost sight of its original niche several times, but around 2015 the line returned to its core navigational products. After many ownership changes Brunton was purchased by two of its employees in 2021. They brought leadership and management back under the same roof as manufacturing. Over 90% of our products are manufactured by a small team in Riverton. For the first time, Brunton is a woman-owned, geologist-operated, family-run Wyoming small business.

Brunton compasses and transits are sold in every continent except Antarctica - and they are most certainly used in all parts of the globe. Our main market continues to be geologists, and the Brunton transit is so eponymous for geologists that the tool is called "a Brunton'' even when it's from another manufacturer. Military, government, and para-military are our second most prolific market, using Brunton transits and compasses any time they need precise measurements of direction and angle. Outdoor recreation is our third most important market, but it is the fastest growing. People recreating in the front-country and back-country are recognizing the need and importance of always having a map and compass with them, along with the knowledge of how to use both. In addition to providing quality products, our team is dedicated to providing and supporting educational efforts that recognize the importance of non-digital navigation skills, place, and context. Our team is comprised of people who use the products we make. We are climbers, backpackers, bikers, skiers, hunters, anglers, boaters, runners, scientists, educators, and former Eagle Scouts. We live where we play, and we'll continue to design and manufacture products that we enjoy using.

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Meet the Advisors

Richard "Rick" Tryder

Cody BLM Field Office

  • Who is your employer, and what is your official job title? BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner
  • Which Outdoor Recreation Collaborative(s) do you advise? Big Horn Basin (BBORC) and Park County (PCORC)
  • Why do you love your job? I love being able to connect people to the outdoors and public lands. I have really enjoyed working with our partners and collaboratives to improve recreation in our communities.
  • What are 3 ways you support outdoor recreation through your work? I strive to improve recreational access on public lands and rivers. Update and maintain our facilities such as our trails and campgrounds so visitors can have a safe and enjoyable experience, build partnerships within our communities to improve recreation for current and future generations.
  • What are some projects are you currently working on? Outlaw Trails and South Fork Shoshone River Access here in Park County and Darnell Hills Open OHV Area and The Big Horn Blue Way Trail in Big Horn County.
  • How and with whom do you like to spend your free time? I spend my free time with my family. My wife Jennifer and our two kids Carter and Carley. We enjoy camping, hiking, fishing. We like getting out on the water in our canoes and kayaks.
  • What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know? I spent 6 years active duty in the Marines. During that time I had an opportunity to fly in a F18 fighter jet.
  • What are your 3 favorite places in Wyoming to visit, and why? It's hard to narrow it down to just three but I would say Carter Mountain would be one of my favorites. It has amazing 360 views and a great place to see grizzlies. Sunlight Basin another beautiful spot to see wildlife, camp and ride OHVs. Sunshine reservoirs is a great place to get out on the water and fish during the summer and a great place for ice fishing during the winter months.

Collaborative Member Spotlight

Angela Emery, NCORC

  • Who is your employer, and what is your official job title?  Executive Director of the Platte River Trails Trust
  • What organizations and clubs do you participate in? Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources Commissioner, Casper Community Tennis Association, United State Tennis Association Advocacy Committee Member
  • Why is outdoor recreation important to you?. Wyoming offers unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Enjoying a variety of activities in Wyoming's pristine outdoor spaces is a privilege for Wyomingites and an opportunity for our State to welcome visitors and diversify our economy while properly caring for our treasured outdoor places.
  • How do you spend your time outdoors? I enjoy running, walking my dog and hiking on local pathways and trails and spending time in State Parks, City parks and neighborhood green spaces.
  • What are your 3 favorite outdoor recreation areas/trails in Wyoming? Platte River Trail - Casper, Casper Mountain, Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park
  • Why did you choose to join the Outdoor Recreation Collaborative? I chose to join the NCORC for professional and personal reasons. In my position as ED of the Platte River Trails Trust I felt that creating a collaborative of outdoor recreation enthusiasts would be beneficial to the community. There is power in numbers and as the saying goes ... “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Personally, I love to recreate outside in Natrona County and everywhere I travel, so I thought my personal passion for outdoor recreation could be beneficial to the Collaborative.
  • Do you have any project advice for other Collaborative members in the state? Invest time and resources in good plans to be ready for any opportunity. Engage the public and key stakeholders in your projects. Love what you do.
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Wyoming Outdoor Recreation Collaboratives

The Northeast Wyoming Outdoor Recreation Collaborative is putting the final touches on their adaptive trail project at the Flying V near Newcastle. They are also working with local emergency management to create an emergency plan. There will be a grand opening of the newly reconditioned Flying V Trails during the Caveman Fun Run on Saturday May, 20. This race consists of a 5k, 10k and 20k.  A 2K course will be marked for those that want a shorter excursion. The 2K race is free, but donations are always welcome. This event will bring Wyomingites together to explore the area and trails. The goal is to have 100 people at the event, and to showcase the hard work of the Collaborative. Join us in May to celebrate!

Register here for the Caveman Fun Run

The Park County Outdoor Recreation Collaborative welcomed 2 new members this month, as the Collaborative's efforts are gaining traction in the County. A new project, the Spirit Mountain Recreation Area (Cedar Mountain) was discussed. Guest Speaker Jim Fried, Executive Director of the Wyoming Conservation Corp, explained the history and mission of the WCC. The Collaborative has also formed a subcommittee to tackle the process of completing recreation projects on public land. Members of several land management agencies along with Collaborative members are aiming to complete a comprehensive step-by-step document that will help anyone wanting to pursue a project on public land to understand all the steps that are involved.

How to Hire a WCC Trail Crew

The Bighorn Basin Outdoor Recreation Collaborative met in Thermopolis this month. Jerimiah Reiman, aviid mountain biker and Executive Director of the WY County Commissioners Assoc. spoke about several bills concerning outdoor recreation in the current legislative session. The collaborative is pursuing a few new projects including developing a Meadowlark Trail Connecter, developing the Horse Creek Recreation area and a installing a seasonal mobile safety shelter on the snowmobile trails. Progress continues on the Bighorn Blueway Trail, with duties divided amongst the planning committee. Planning continues for the proposed Riverside multi-use park in Worland, including a 9-hole disc golf course, pump track, and a singletrack network.

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Sweetwater County Outdoor Recreation Collaborative: Nestled between Sweetwater County and Fremont County is South Pass City Historic Site. The local Bureau of Land Management Office and Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites, and Trails will host an open house to receive input on locations, designs, and desired experiences for a new singletrack non-motorized trail system in the South Pass City area. This will take place on February 23rd from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the Lander Library. This opportunity will be discussed at both the SCORC and the WRORC meetings in March. Possible project areas for members to consider include blueway water trails, Red Desert opportunities, improvements at Flaming Gorge NRA, and recreation opportunities between Green River and Rock Springs.

Check out South Pass City 

Wind River Outdoor Recreation Collaborative: The Wind River Range is seeing high amounts of snow this year and activities like XC skiing, snowmobiling, ice climbing, ice fishing, and fat biking are keeping locals busy. On February 25th, the Lander Cycling Club and Lander Nordic Ski Association will host the 2nd Annual Roll and Slide Poker Run in Sinks Canyon State Park. Poker Run participants compete on various means of transportation to collect the best poker hand at 4 stops. Solutions to winter recreation conflicts and signage at various recreation sites will be topics for the Collaborative meeting in March. The collaborative was recently contacted by the Rails to Trails Conservancy (RTC) to discuss ways to complete a section of trail in Fremont County.

More about the RTC 

Several opportunities for new projects were proposed at the latest Natrona County Outdoor Recreation Collaborative Meeting. 40 miles west of Casper, there is a unique canyon known most recently as the filming site for the movie "Starship Troopers". Hell's Half Acre is a unique canyon that has been fenced off for a number of years, and now has the opportunity to become a hiking/pedestrian destination. The overall project could include parking, picnic shelters, restrooms, and signage. The area has been known for its incredible geology and amazing photography opportunities. The Collaborative is working to schedule a tour of the area with local stakeholders to determine the project's next steps. Additionally, progress on the Bike Park is ongoing, with the original project possibly being split between 2 locations in Casper.

What is Hell's Half Acre?

The Southeast Wyoming Outdoor Recreation Collaborative has been diligently working on the Outdoor Recreation User Survey, but new discussions will take place at the meeting in March. Through collaborative efforts, locations will be identified in Albany and Carbon County that could be revitalized through repairs and maintenance, cleanup events, promotion, and coordination with local agencies. Discussion will continue about these survey results in future meetings, with the hope of prioritizing the group's efforts into a few well-coordinated and fundable project ideas. Ken Cramer from Common Outdoor Ground spoke about ways to partner and engage volunteers for outdoor recreation projects on public land in southeast Wyoming. Members of the Collaborative continue to be involved with the Pole Mountain Project.

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Did you know there is an exciting media outlet to promote all the great work done by the Outdoor Recreation Collaboratives in Wyoming? The Outdoor Recreation Pathfinders have a weekly podcast which launched April 1, 2022. Wyoming Pathway to Adventure now has listeners in 38 states and 9 foreign countries…and it is one of the most shared and distributed podcasts in its category! We use a blended format, with short (10-20 minutes) interviews interspersed a few times a month with 5-8 minute “How to…” episodes- packed full of helpful hints on how to enjoy Wyoming’s great outdoors…safely and responsibly. Our interviews have highlighted a number of Wyoming State Parks, outdoor organizations and businesses as well as those working in the Outdoor Recreation field. And now it’s your turn! As Pathfinders, we often field questions from the public asking “What are these Collaboratives? What do they do?” Well, who better to answer those questions than you? So, if you want to get the word out about your collaborative; an upcoming event, or maybe have an outdoor recreation skill you would like to share, I invite you to be a guest on an upcoming episode…the World will be listening! And, if you have “mic fright”, rest assured we have an audio editing program…and know how to use it!


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16th Annual Togwotee Winter Classic- March 4, Dubois


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Battle of the Bighorns- April 15, Antelope Butte Ski Area

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Outdoor Recreation in Wyoming- April 26-27. Laramie

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Wyoming Outdoorsman 2023 Banquet- May 6, Cody


Cave Man Fun Run - May 20, Flying V Trails, Newcastle

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International Climber's Festival- July 13-16, Lander

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