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Summer 2016

Dean's Message

All of us want to have something to be proud of; it is what keeps us going when times are tough. In fact, pride and tough times go together, since it is hard to take pride in something that was handed to you or that took no effort, like beating a field of runners by minutes instead of seconds. This is why athletes seek out higher and higher levels of competition.

Alumni Spotlight
Physics majors say goodbye and graduate

Michelle Conner and Mary Kate MacLean earned a Bachelors of Science in Physics Spring 2016. As they prepared to say goodbye they took a moment to look back on how they got to Wright State and to offer some insight to future women in physics.

MacLean, always a "science kid" as she remembers, has a father who is an engineer that used to quiz her on physics concepts at theme parks. She used to go to the library to check out Bill Nye the Science Guy and Magic School Bus VHS tapes.

Conner got into physics after having an inspiring teacher, "My high school physics teacher, Charles Darling. I had him my last semester of high school. I really liked his class."

COSM Spotlight
Redefining adviser roles in student success

Sarah Cicora, an academic adviser in the Department of  Psychology in Wright State's College of Science and Mathematics, encourages students to meet with their adviser to learn about the many resources advisers can share and the care they have for their students.

"Each term, when our department processes degree certifications, I go down the list of upcoming graduates and see the names of students that I have never met. 

Wright State's Celebration of Research showcases student projects

More than 170 students, faculty, staff and industry representa tives attended the April 15 event, which featured 75 poster booths and 35 oral presentations, in the Student Union.

Jason Deibel, director of  undergraduate research and experiential learning in the College of Science and Mathematics, said the event is a way to honor the success of the students and give those who are presenting their research for the first time a supportive environment. "One of the things that gets forgotten is the ability to communicate your results," he said. "This is the start of it."

Science and Politics 

The first presidential debate of 2016, to be held at Wright State University on  September 26th is expected to bring national and international attention to the university. The university and colleges are working on several activities and events leading up to the debate. The College of Science and Mathematics (COSM) will host a series of public panel discussions focusing on topics related to  Science and Politics

The COSM panel discussions will be held in  Wright State University's Student Union Apollo Room.

Lisa Kenyon, Ph.D. receives two distinguished awards

Dr. Lisa Kenyon's contribution to teaching in CoSM is being honored in two ways. First, the Dean has chosen Dr. Kenyon as the Dean's Teaching Fellow for 2016-17 academic year. Dr. Kenyon is being recognized for the leadership she has demonstrated in fostering education reform across the College and the University. Dr. Kenyon has been part of the CoSM team developing proposals for submission to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Education Program. She has introduced active learning approaches and best practices of science education into two large enrollment courses, The Biology of Food and Introduction to Biology: Organisms and Ecosystems. She is on a small team that has developed and delivered facilitator and pedagogical training for the undergraduate SCALE-UP Assistants.

CoSM Teaching Awards

The College of Science and Mathematics is pleased to announce the 2015-16 teaching awards.

Congratulations to Chad Hammerschmidt, Ph.D., on being selected as the recipient of The Students' Choice Award along with Michal Kraszpulski, Ph.D., and Labib Rouhana, Ph.D., as recipients of The Dean's Early Career Teaching Excellence Award.  

Student Spotlight
Outstanding presentation of entomological research

Environmental Sciences Ph.D. program student, Libby Roberson was awarded Third Place for outstanding presentation of entomological research in the Ph.D. student competition at the North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of America meeting in Cleveland. 

Her talk in the Systematic, Evolution, and Biodiversity section was entitled "Burning bush (Euonymous alatus ) and deer alter spider assemblages". Libby is advised by program director, Don Cipollini, Ph.D.

4 WSU Chemistry Students Received Awards at Dayton Local Section of American Chemical Society Meeting

Chemistry Graduate Students, Brady Hall and James Ohaeri, and Undergraduates Nick Yahna and James Herbort received certificates and monetary awards.
Every spring the Dayton Local Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) invites chemists at all levels - whether they are practicing professional chemists, graduate students or undergraduate students from five local four year colleges that offer a chemistry degree to present, as posters, their current research to the community of chemists in the area. This year the program was held at Central State University.

Trevor Schumacher, Honored with an Outstanding Poster Award for his presentation at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society

Trevor Schumacher was recently honored with an Outstanding Poster award for his presentation at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, which was held in San Diego, CA during the week of March 15 th .  The award was bestowed by the Polymer Division of the American Chemical Society and was presented by president of the division, Dr. Karl Haider, at an awards ceremony on Wednesday, March 17 th .  He received a framed certificate as well as a cash prize. Trevor is a Master of Science student in the Department of Chemistry and a member of Professor Eric Fossum's research group.  

Supporting the College
Women in Science Giving Circle Awards

Since founded in 2006, The Women In Science Giving Circle members and donors have pooled their money to enhance the educational and professional advancement of women in Science, Technbology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM) disciplines at Wright State University.

On April 18, 2016 the WISGC hosted a reception to announce the 2016 award recipients. We are very proud to add these exemplary women to our distinguished list of scholarship and grant recipients and to feature some of their interests and accomplishments. 

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