The Commerce Connection
May 15th, 2019| Issue 3
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We are Tom and Bonnie Wright, owners of Kolibri Pest Services. We have lived and raised our family in Carrollton for 30 years. We love serving our customers in The Colony and that led us to join The Colony Chamber of Commerce. Tom is an Associate Certified Entomologist with over 30 years of experience in the Pest Control Industry. His knowledge of local pest problems and expertise in pest management is the perfect combination to serve both ongoing pest service needs and unique and challenging pest problems. 
Tom’s favorite thing about our business is solving complicated or frustrating pest problems for our customers. He has helped eliminate everything from skunks under a master bedroom to stubborn ant infestations in window frames. He approaches each home or business as a unique environment. He developed a 50 point inspection that we perform on our first visit. We then create a plan for that specific location. Our cutting edge data base enables us to communicate how that plan is being executed and even photos of problem areas to the customer in their online portal. 
One complicated and costly problem we can solve is Termite Treatment and Prevention. We are among just 4% of Pest Control companies nationwide who are Sentricon Certified Specialists. This system provides environmentally sensitive bait that is 10X more attractive to termites than wood and essentially non-toxic to people and pets. As termites discover the bait, they carry it back to their colony. this can kill the entire colony over a period of just a few months. Mention The Colony Chamber and get $100 off installation of your Sentricon Always Active Baiting System! 
Bonnie’s favorite part of the business is to create a great service experience for our customers. Whether sending thank you treats to our new customers or just making sure scheduling is timely and communication is clear, she loves to let people know that their problem matters and they are appreciated. We try to schedule new customers within the same business week. And current customers with a problem are scheduled within 24-48 hours. She also enjoys getting to know other business people and looking for referrals for their businesses.
Giving back to the community is also important to us. We volunteer our services to NTX Community food pantry. As most of you know, they serve over 450 North Texas families each month who experience food insecurity. We are blessed to contribute in a small way to their important work! In our free time we love hanging out with our family, especially something we call Cousins Cookouts in our back yard with our six grandkids!
We look forward to growing our business here and hiring locally as we expand. We have so enjoyed getting to know this community and its business people. Relationships are the heart of our success in building our business and we have built some great relationships through The Colony Chamber. 
Many people may not know it, but NTX Community Food Pantry has a 12-year history in The Colony. We began as a small church food pantry, then became part of another non-profit, and in 2017, we obtained our own non-profit status. In all that time, we have seen the struggles that many individuals and families have, to just put food on the table. We provide food, build relationships, and give people encouragement, hope and resources. It has always been the mission of the food pantry to come along side to help our neighbor and extend grace and dignity to each person.

We live in a wonderful area. Things are booming, but not for everyone. There is so much need, and the problem of hunger is often a hidden one. Families are welcome to visit the pantry every week, if needed. In the month of April, our numbers reached 489 families. However, our area is also full of people, businesses, churches, and organizations who really care about food insecurity. We are thankful for the donations of time, food, and money that help us continue to do what we do. Our volunteers are fantastic, and many have been with the food pantry for years. They help make it a welcoming place to walk in to. 

Want to join in? Here are some ways you can help:

-Come volunteer! We have a lot of fun!
-Donate food and toiletry items
-Donate money or host a fundraiser
-Host a food drive at your place of business, especially during the spring and summer months
-Sponsor a shelf with a specific food or toiletry item. We will promote that and make you famous!
-Like and share our Facebook posts
For more information on how you can get involved, please contact us at