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Best Pictures of 2022 

As another year comes to a close, let's take a look back at some visuals of 2022 that illustrate the tireless work of the Latino Commission on AIDS and its partners. Consider making a tax deductible donation to support our work.

[1] National Latino AIDS Awareness Day was observed in October in many cities nationwide including Orlando, FL, where partner organization QLatinx took the streets to make a call to fight HIV stigma. Special recognition to: @talktesttreatcfl@latinx_hiv_task_force @qlatinx, @somosloud@peersupportspace@contigofund and @kimmurphytheartist 

[2] As NYC was highly impacted by the Monkeypox (Mpox) virus, Oasis Wellness Center partnered with the New York City Health and Hospitals to provide the Mpox vaccine to people in high risk of contagion.  

[3] The Latino Religious Leadership Program organized a vigil during World AIDS Day to honor the lives of those who passed away of the disease, and made a plea to continue working on their health education efforts through communities of faith.

[4] The team of the Latino Community Covid-19 Response Initiative (CRI) at the front lines, doing daily street outreach to promote Covid-19 testing and vaccination, and provide referrals for social and health services. 

[5] ABC 10News San Diego featured a health report during National Latino AIDS Awareness Day and interviewed Esteban Duarte from VIDA, a partner organization from San Diego, CA, that organizes an NLAAD event every year. 

[6] The Latinos in the South program hosted Encuentro to create a space for southern individuals and allies to come together and develop networks to address health disparities and the HIV epidemic in the South. 

[7] The Covid-19 efforts by the Commission included partnering with Hispanic Federation and NYC Health Department to provide the vaccine in communities of faith, health centers and public spaces. 

[8] The Commission hosted the 26th edition of Reunion Latina; an annual training institute that congregates people living with HIV, public health officials, program directors, peer educators, case managers and health providers. 

[9] The team of Hands United, the Commission’s capacity building assistance unit, during a group presentation that highlighted their technical assistance on HIV testing and prevention efforts for organizations in the south.  

[10] The Commission and 12 partner organizations hosted a rally to observe the Zero Transphobia campaign, highlight issues impacting trans and gender non-conforming Latines and call for political will necessary to end transphobia.

[11] The Latino Commission on AIDS and the Hispanic Health Network consulted with Latino public health advocates, public health experts, and community-based organizations and produced the “NYS Hispanic/Latinx Health Action Agenda 2022-2024: Our Health - Our Future” a document that addresses the health challenges the diverse Hispanic/Latinx communities in New York state and provides a series of strategic recommendations.

[12] The Commission’s staff preparing for a training on Cultural Humility provided by Gilead, one of the many corporate partners of the agency. 

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