Third Annual Diocesan High School Lenten Retreat:
"When did we see you hungry?"

This overnight event will take place Saturday, March 4 at 10:00 a.m. to Sunday, March 5 at 11:30 a.m. at St.Andrew's, Grand Rapids ( click here for map).

This year's theme is  "When did we see you hungry?" We'll explore the 
charitable food system and how feeding the hungry is part of our Lenten journey. Youth groups from around the diocese have participated in previous years as we take this opportunity to explore together the season of Lent, through worship, prayer, workshops, Bible study, and discussions. There will be free time as well. All meals are included. 

The cost per participant will be $10. Please contact Jeff Brown, Director of Youth Ministries for Grand Rapids Episcopal Youth (St. Mark's and St. Andrew's Episcopal Churches, Grand Rapids) with any questions you may have: or (616)304-7604.

Online registration and payment options are available by clicking here.
Alleluiapalooza! at St. David's, Lansing

A Pre-Lent Festival of Music and Poetry, featuring a "Sing-It-Yourself" performance of Randall Thompson's Alleluia

Sunday, February 26, 2017     4:00 p.m.
St. David's Episcopal Church, Lansing ( click here for map)

Interested members of the audience will be invited to come forward and join in singing Thompson's masterpiece. Previous experience and/or preparation will be helpful! Those who wish to sing are encouraged to bring their own music; a limited number will be available for purchase before the program.

Questions? Email . Type Alleluia in the subject line.

The Trauma of Poverty 
and Public Education

The Episcopal Province of New England is offering  a new series of  free online web conferences  specifically designed to help aspiring partnership leaders learn, grow, and take action toward building partnerships in their congregations. The interactive panel discussion will be moderated by AOC Director Lallie Lloyd and will focus  on the following:
  • the trauma of childhood poverty,
  • how trauma affects students and schools
  • how you & your congregation can learn and prepare to serve schools with high concentrations of students in poverty. 
Those interested in learning from active partnership leaders and advocates for education justice can add their voices to the conversation by registering here. Web conference information will be sent after registration is complete.
Grace Church, Traverse City
Presents series on sexual abuse in the church

Grace Church, Traverse City, will be presenting a series on sexual abuse in the church on Wednesday evenings before and during Lent.  They will draw on the work of scholars and the personal experience of others to explore, examine and educate.  The format will be primarily presentation and discussion but we will also use films that focus on this phenomena.  

For the showing of the first film, "Spotlight" on February 15th at 6 p.m., please bring a bag lunch; beverages will be provided.  Childcare will be provided.   The series will resume on the 2nd Wednesday in Lent with a simple supper at 5:15, a simple liturgy at 6, and a presentation at 6:45 p.m.  We promise to be finished by no later than 8:15 p.m..   Hand-outs of reading materials will be provided.This offering is limited to those 18 years of age and older.

 Questions? Call the church office at (231) 947-2330. Click here for more information
ECW Province V Annual Meeting and Conference to be held in Lansing

EDWM's ECW will invite leaders from across the region to the ECW Province V Annual Meeting and Conference April 28-30, 2017 at St. David's, Lansing, MI ( click here for map), with keynote speaker Lelanda Lee.

Important Information about the conference/annual meeting, including details about the conference location, Province V ECW business, hotel accommodations and contact information are available by clicking here. Online (immediate) registration with option to pay with check or credit card is available here. Paper (mail-in) registration is available here.

For more information, including a detailed bio of keynote speaker Lelanda Lee, click here.
Lent Curriculum
for small and large groups, individuals, children and families

For Lent formation this year, we are recommending people in the diocese again turn to the Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE). Their 2017 Lent program is called " 5 Marks of Love: Living Life Marked at Christ's Own," and provides free videos, thought-provoking questions and activities to help you examine and reflect upon the ways in which God's mission expresses itself in and through us. Participants will look for signs of God's presence and activity in our lives.

How to sign up:
Downloadable materials are free for participants and facilitators, for adult and children's groups. Those who sign up will also receive daily video offerings. Click here to sign up to participate.

Read Along with the Bishop: Fierce Conversations
by  Susan Scott
Message from the Bishop:
I am inviting us to read together, in the season of Lent, the book,  Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time, by Susan Scott. It was recommended to me by Bishop Jeff Lee of the Diocese of Chicago and is considered, "a guide to tackling your toughest challenges and enriching relationships with everyone important to your success and happiness through principles, tools, and assignments designed to direct you through your first fierce conversations with yourself on to the most challenging and important conversations facing you."

Perhaps the best way for us to work through trying times in our country is to find ways to communicate well with one another so we might faithfully fulfill our baptismal covenant vow to respect the dignity of all people.

Rebooting for new participants in 2017

The Diocesan Congregational Development Institute, DCDI is a leadership training program focused on developing the spiritual community and the organizational life of the congregation.  The program is for both clergy and lay leaders who desire to transform their congregations by making them stronger, healthier, more rooted in the Anglican spiritual tradition, more responsive to God's call for that community, and more effective in reaching out beyond their walls. The Institute weekends will be held at the R. A. MacMullan Conference Center in Roscommon, just south of Grayling on Higgins Lake (click here for map).

The weekends for 2017 are as follows:
               March 24-25
               May 5-6
               September 29-30
               November 17-18

The diocese will cover the cost of meals and lodging for all the weekends, but we ask each participant to pay a $50 registration fee to cover the cost of the materials and text for the program.  If the registration fee presents a hardship, (or if you have questions regarding the program) please contact Canon Bill Spaid ( or Canon Mike Spencer ( in your diocesan office. Additionally, the Rev. Heather Barta is available to answer questions about registration, accommodations, special diets, etc. (

Bishop's Workshops Here Again

Each year, Bishop Hougland and the diocesan staff hold workshops to be of service to leaders in EDWM congregations, including new and experienced vestry, delegates to convention, and other decision-makers in our parishes.
Bishop Hougland's annual set of workshops are now scheduled for 2017, and here is what we will address.

The Bishop's presentation will be called "Adaptive Leadership in Reformation Times."

There will be four breakout sessions that will include the following:
  • Nuts & Bolts of Church Finances
  • Discerning Our Own Racism 
  • Thinking Theologically in Today's Culture
  • Communications Tech Desk (for help with church websites and communications - please bring your laptops/tablets with you).
All are welcome. Bishop's workshops begin at 9:30 a.m. with the Bishop's presentation starting at 10:00. The event is free and lunch is provided. We request at all parish leaders, including vestry members (and especially NEW vestry members) attend for the benefit of their role in the congregation.
Childcare will be available, but please answer the questions on the form about ages, special needs, etc. if you need childcare.

Reducing Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is February's Health Topic
Anyone can develop a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Blood clots form when blood thickens and clumps. A clot in a deep vein in the body, usually in the lower leg or thigh, is known as a DVT. Not moving enough is a huge contributor to the risk of getting a DVT. Certain diseases and conditions such as surgery, broken bones, recent cancer treatment, pregnancy, or use of birth control pills raise one's chances of getting a DVT. If the clot breaks off, moves in the bloodstream and lodges in an artery in the lungs, a more serious and sometimes deadly condition known as pulmonary embolism can result. 
Classic signs/symptoms of DVT:
* Swelling
* Pain
* Warmth and/or redness
Immediately report these to your doctor or healthcare provider.

Reduce risk for DVT:
* Stand, walk, and/or flex your feet every hour
* Avoid crossing your legs
* Take medications prescribed to prevent clots
Talk with your doctor if you have a risk for DVT.
Formation Gathering

The next lunchtime gathering for formation ministries will be February 14th at St. Andrew's, Grand Rapids ( click here for map) from 12 noon - 2pm. Bring a bag lunch. The topic will be summer activities and VBS planning.