April 2020
Dear Friends,

You might notice that we eliminated the “Community Events” section of this edition of The Community Caller. There are so many cancellations, new virtual event dates, and a lot of uncertainty, so we opted to take it out altogether. We don’t want to publish any incorrect information. Please check with the event organizers for specific details. As for Leadership Harrisburg Area’s events, see below for new dates and stay tuned for some virtual options in the coming weeks.

I’ve spoken and written about event saturation in our community on many occasions, but never imagined that a pandemic would completely shut us down across several months. Many non profit organizations depend on event income for support and will struggle as a result. In addition to community events ~ graduations, vacations, weddings, all postponed. If you’re mourning the death of event season, like me, you’re not alone. Events provide such a wonderful platform for reconnecting with friends & associates, shared celebrations, and great opportunities for learning, networking, and inspiration. Here’s to being stronger, more effective, and more collaborative on the other side of this crisis. Let’s extrapolate and apply as many lessons as possible!

For now, whether it’s about mourning special events, isolation, disappointment, sadness, or all of the above, let’s focus on what we can control.
• Our Actions
• Our Attitude
• Our Behaviors
• What we Consume
• Our Leadership
• How we React
• What we Read
• Our Thoughts

While the event section is missing, we’ve included many, many important announcements that detail urgent community needs and ways that we can help. We also have many resources & even job announcements listed in the General Information section. The community is still calling… how will you answer?

Una Martone, '07
President & CEO
Leadership Harrisburg Area
Give Blood
American Red Cross: Contact: Laura Hughes laura.hughes2@redcross.org . Need:  There is a severe shortage of blood. If your organization is willing to host location for a community American Red Cross blood drive, please contact Laura or click here to schedule on the website.
Financial Support & Crisis Response Boxes
Central Pa Food Bank anticipates that hunger will increase as the central Pennsylvania community makes changes to schools, events and services in response to the corona virus crisis. There are thousands of people in our community who rely on us for food. As this pandemic intensifies, they are at even greater risk of missing meals. With your support, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank will continue to work diligently to provide food and resources to those in need. But access to food is just the start of helping our community get through this. We don’t know what the future holds, but we know your kindness is needed right now. The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is working hard to ensure we are responding to the needs of our community during this crisis. Click here   to to help families facing hunger – and let them know they’re not alone.
Vital Services for the Vulnerable
Christian Churches United: Contact: Darrel Reinford, Executive Director, dreinford@ccuhbg.org . Need:  Christian Churches United offers direct services to the homeless and working poor individuals and families who are particularly vulnerable at this time. Click here to support these vital services as we anticipate a surge of requests for housing, utility and other crisis support due to layoffs and other fallout from the economic downturn.

Need: Susquehanna Harbor Safe Haven is a 24 hour residential program, with the male residents sheltering in place to reduce possibility of COVID-19 entering the facility.
Susquehanna Harbor Safe Haven could use the following:
  • Donations of hand sanitizer as our stock is running low and we are working hard to keep the facility COVID-19 free.
  • A flat screen television, 36 inches or larger, so we can add a new sitting area to allow for greater social distancing of residents.
To arrange for donation, please contact Darrel Reinford at  dreinford@ccuhbg.org  or (717) 230-9550 and leave a message. (Donation will be received at CCU’s administrative offices at 413 S. 19 th  Street and delivered by CCU staff to Susquehanna Harbor Safe Haven to minimize people contact.
Volunteer from Home
CONTACT Helpline, Inc. – Information and referral services : Contact: Kelly Gollick at  kgollick@contacthelpline.org . Need:  CONTACT Helpline, helps run 211, an informational and referral service to connect individuals with resources in the community. This is a non-emergency number. Based on the increase in calls, the organization is looking for volunteers to handle calls. Volunteers can quickly be trained and can take calls from home. To volunteer, you must have a computer, internet and appropriate headsets at home (device to talk while using cloud phones. This can be a gaming headset or even earbuds).
Clean Out - Donate Items
Downtown Daily Bread: Contact Anne Guenin at  aguenin@pinestreet.org. Need:  Downtown Daily Bread is serving 150 meals each day. They would welcome donations of items listed below. Mos t clients are adult men and the most popular sizes are L, XL, and XXL. Everything should be gently-used or new. Most needed items include:
  • Clothing – short-sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, zip-up hoodies, shorts, jeans, sweatpants, belts
  • Shoes (sneakers or walking shoes)
  • Underwear (new) and socks – men’s and women’s
  • Rain jackets and pants
  • Razors, brushes, and combs
  • Baseball hats
  • Soap and shampoo (hotel sizes)
  • Tissues, lip balm, calamine lotion, and bug spray
  • Pens and post-its
  • Napkins, paper towels, and plastic spoons and forks
  • Individually wrapped snacks and granola bars
Box up and store the items for now, and when this crisis is over, you can drop them off at the curb at Downtown Daily Bread.
Volunteers Needed for Food Distribution
New Hope Ministries: Contact: New Hope website  or call 717.432.2087. Need:  New Hope needs volunteers to pack and carry food. Home deliveries may soon be necessary. Public interactions will be limited. New Hope Ministries serves parts of Cumberland County and Northern York County.

Emergency Grants for Nonprofits
The Partnership for Better Health is making Rapid Response Emergency Grants available to local nonprofit organizations that serve Central and Western Cumberland County, Perry County, Northern Adams County and the Greater Shippensburg Area to assist them in responding to the threat of COVID-19. Grants are expected to range between $2,000 and $25,000. Focused Priority Areas include Basic Health & Human Needs, Nonprofit Emergency Responders , Homeless Residents, Newly Unemployed & Rental Assistance. Click here for more details and eligibility requirements. Awards will be considered on a rolling basis until May 29, 2020. After reviewing the complete RFP, direct grant questions to Director of Grants & Public Policy, Carol Thornton at Carol@ForBetterHealthPA.org, or to the Director of Health Promotion, Gail Witwer at GWitwer@ForBetterHealthPA.org.
Protective Equipment Needed
Lancaster General Health urgently needs Personal Protective Equipment that will keep staff safe while responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
 The following items are being accepted:
  • N95 surgical masks, face protection (paper ear loop or tie)e in original carton
  • Eye protection, including face shields and safety goggles
  • Gowns: disposable water-resistant cover gowns in original carton
  • Gloves, non-latex, all sizes, in original carton
  • Wipes, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide
  • Bottles of bleach (not splash-less)
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Head covers, disposable bouffant type with elastic band
  • Shoe covers, disposable
  • PAPRs (powered air-purifying respirators) and PAPR hoods
A community drive-through donation location is in operation at Clipper Magazine Stadium , 650 N. Prince Street, Lancaster, Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm.
If you or your business are able to fabricate, donate, or sell any of the above items to us, please contact Dana Klinepeter, Director of Capital Projects Planning at  Dana.Klinepeter@pennmedicine.upenn.edu. A rrangements can also be made to pick up items.
Financial Donations Needed
The Salvation Army: Contact: Salvation Army website  
Need:   The most helpful thing you can do is make a financial contribution. Note "COVID19" or something similar in the memo and 100% of these funds will be used for the bulk purchase of items we need like diapers, baby formula, hygiene items and paper goods. We are working with our good friends at Central PA Food Bank and our rescue partners for basic food items, which continue to be a steady supply source for us. Click here to make a donation.
Community Resources from the United Way
The United Way of the Capital Region developed a comprehensive list of ways individuals can access services, give (locally, regionally and nationally) and volunteer. This information can be accessed at here The content is very fluid and will be updated according to need in the community.

Where Individuals Can Go for Help:
Individuals in need of help are encouraged to call 211 (or send a text including your zip code). 211 is a non-emergency line that connects individuals directly to programs and services based on areas of need. Individuals can also access 211 online here
How You Can Support Local Needs:
To address local needs, we’ve established the United Way of the Capital Region COVID-19 Basic Needs Fund to support our trusted United Way partners that provide food, clothing and shelter services in Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties. To make a donation simply click here .
How You Can Support Regional and National/International Efforts:
Donors can support nonprofit organizations impacted by COVID-19 in our region through a partnership with The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. For more information, visit The Foundation for Enhancing Communities website .
Donation Guidelines
UPMC has enough supply of personal protective equipment and cleaning solutions to meet current demands across UPMC, and we acquire new supplies daily. The following are UPMC donation guidelines for our central PA region. Businesses, schools, and other institutional donors are welcome to provide new, unopened supplies:
  • Masks, face protection, paper ear loop or tie, in original carton
  • N95 masks
  • Gloves, non-latex, all sizes, in original carton
  • Wipes (bleach, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide)
  • Bottles of household, unscented, splash-free bleach
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Head covers, disposable bouffant type with elastic band
  • Shoe covers
  • Eye protection, including face shields
  • Safety goggles
  • Gowns
  • Powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs)
Donations will be accepted only from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at:
3001 Seventh Street, Harrisburg, PA, 17110

If you are interested in donating non-hospital supply related resources, such as restaurant food delivery or gift cards for staff, please submit an inquiry via our website.
Contact Melanie Ricci at  stutzmanricci@upmc.edu  or 717-231-8970 with any questions.
Continue Your Leadership Journey
Beyond Leadership is an experiential learning opportunity that explores the 10 Essentials of Servant Leadership; highlights the history of servant leadership and its relevance today; and provides activities designed to build new connections among participants. LHA’s President & CEO, Una Martone facilitates Beyond Leadership Register here for the next training summit on Thursday, June 25, from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM at The Conference Center @ Central Penn College. Limited seating is still available.
Be Certified for Board Service
Board Strong is a new program of Leadership Harrisburg Area that was made possible through a partnership with The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. This 90 minute video series addresses: the roles & responsibilities of non-profit board members; the financial oversight, fiduciary and compliance responsibilities of non-profit board members; non-profit board members’ role in fundraising; tips for non-profit board member to effectively tell the organization’s story; and tips for engaging high performing board. Anyone who is considering serving on a non-profit board; or who is already serving on a non-profit board will gain valuable insights from the experienced non-profit leaders featured in this video. To begin your certification process, click here .
Virtual Program for Kids
Free Program Making Two Minute Movies
Carlisle Regional Performing Arts Center has announced details for the first virtual engagement program, directed toward children 17 and under, and titled “Two Minute Movies.” This program encourages all entrants to create movies of no more than 2 minutes in length. A free screening of all approved entries is planned for Saturday, September 26, 2020 during the evening of Carlisle’s scheduled “Harvest of the Arts.” Awards will be presented by age category, and award sponsors are welcomed. Interested sponsors can contact staff@carlisletheatre.org . Entrants that follow the rules will be screened! 
This program is free to enter, and donations to the administrative costs of this program are welcomed by clicking here . Click here for more program details and to enter. Click here for promo video you can share with friends.
Free Enrichment Opportunities
Audit A Course at Central Penn College for Free
Central Penn College has opened a number of courses to Non-Central Penn students, to audit, at  no cost to the individual . There is a limit of one course audit opportunity per person. Upon completion, eligible participants may receive a certificate of completion. Classes run  April 6 – June 19  and registrations are due by  April 10 . Click here for more details or c o ntact Curtis Voelker at curtisvoelker@centralpenn.edu with any questions.
Applications Available NOW!
Applications for the Community Leadership Series Class of 2021 are now being accepted. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2020 .  Click here full program detail, dates, and access to the online application.   Or feel free to call 717-216-5200 to discuss this opportunity.
Registration for ELS Open Now
The Executive Leadership Series offers senior decision makers an opportunity to accelerate introductions to Capital Region business and community leaders. Click here for full program details, a video testimonial, and online registration.  Or feel free to call 717-216-5200 to discuss this opportunity.
Leadership Unlocked Video Series
"We all have the luxury of looking out for ourselves. Leaders also have the honor of looking out for others." Simon Sinek
During the lockdown, Leadership Harrisburg Area created a video series entitled Leadership Unlocked using the ten letters in the word 'leadership'. This series offers thoughts, resources and insights on the topic that are sure to inspire leaders at all levels. Click here for full video series.
Resources for Non Profit Organizations
Pennsylvania Association for Non Profit Organizations is providing a variety of helpful resources to help out during this time. Check out some of the resources being offered.
Moving to an Online Workplace:
  • PANO members get a 20% discount on Zoom subscriptions - including Zoom's HIPAA-compliant health care platform.
  • Anyone can access Cureo, a platform for board management and more, for FREE, and PANO members get a 10% discount on paid subscriptions.
  • Discounted Remote Accounting Services: PANO works with two financial services providers who provide accounting services remotely and offer special discounts to PANO members: Administrative Consulting Solutions and Parish Resource Center

PANO's COVID-19 Resource Page Contains:

If PANO members want to join our COVID online listserv and resource-sharing platform (made available through Cureo), please contact  casey@pano.org .
Upcoming Webinars Provide Learning Opportunities
P ANO is offering the following webinars in April and May.

Putting Your Supporters First: Improving the Donor Experience, April 7, 1-2 PM , Webinar. Register here .

Resource Development: 2020 Guiding Principles Webinar Series (5 of 6), April 15, 10:30 AM . Register here .

IRS Form 990: Public Relations Opportunity or Trap for the Unwary? : April 16, 1:30 PM , Webinar. Register here .

Ch-Ch- Changes: How Mindfulness Changes the Brain in Awesome Ways, April 22, 12 PM , Webinar. Register here .

Get Mindful in May , Fridays, May 1-29, 12 PM , 5-part Webinar Series. Register here .

Public Awareness, Engagement, and Advocacy: 2020 Guiding Principles Webinar Series, (6 of 6), May 6, 10:30 M-12 PM , Webinar. Register here .
Explore Professional Growth
Temple University Harrisburg Campus has lots of opportunities for aspiring and seasoned nonprofit professionals. Courses include: Strengths-based Leadership, Fundraising Certificate Programs, Grant Writing Certificate Programs, Nonprofit Management Certificate Programs, 2020 CE Series for Human Service Professionals. Click here to view the course catalog.
Free Online Educational Resources for Families
Wide Open School is a free collection of the best online learning experiences for kids curated by the editors at  Common Sense . There is so much good happening in online education, and we are here to gather great resources and organize it so that teachers and families can easily find it and plan each day. Wide Open School helps make learning from home an experience that inspires kids, supports teachers, relieves families, and restores community. Click here to begin.
Immediate Job Openings

Click  Here  for more information.
Click  Here  for more information.

Click  Here  for more information.
Open Position for Director of Finance
Tri County Community Action posted an open position for a Director of Finance. This is a senior level director and a permanent, full-time position. Applicants should have nonprofit experience, especially with federal grants and contracts. Interviews may be conducted via Zoom if necessary. Click here for complete job posting. Contact Jennifer Wintemyer at jwintermyer@cactricounty.org for questions or more information.
Looking for a meeting space for your non-profit or community organization? Orrstown Bank is proud to share its 1600 square foot Zullinger-Coy Community Room with organizations in the community at no charge. Located at 4750 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, our newly renovated office building features a sizable room ideal for presentations, meetings or special gatherings. The 100 person capacity room is equipped with Wi-Fi, audio-video (AV), a large drop down screen and a podium. Catering access is also a benefit of the facility. Contact Amy Strohm at Orrstown Bank at 717-530-3548 to reserve the room for one-time or recurring use.
The Community Caller is emailed to over 1800 subscribers on a regular schedule during the first week of every month. The goal of the publication is to match people and resources with service opportunities and missions & programs that benefit the community. Announcements are placed primarily by non profit organizations, educational institutions, and other community organizations. If you would like to include an event or announcement in the next issue, please feel free to contact LHA with detailed information including:
  • Organization Website
  • Contact Name, Phone Number and Email
  • Date of Event
  • Specific Request
  • Description
  • Attach a flyer of the event, if applicable
Send submissions to LHA via email at  LHA@leadershipharrisburg.org  or call 717-216-5200. All content is subject to approval by LHA and may be edited for space.
As a resource for businesses, our alumni, and community organizations throughout the Capital Region, Leadership Harrisburg Area teaches servant leadership and effective community service through discussion, demonstration, and experiential practices.