Our vision is to have a community where no kittens are born wild on the street, no cat capable of living in a home is lacking one, and no feral cats are wanting for food, water, and appropriate care and concern.

Thank you to Raytha and Tim for your hard work

Thanks ever so much to SAFCC supporters Raytha and Tim who reached out to us when they were taking down an old fence. Tim was willing to build feeding stations and cat shelters for colony caretakers.

So far, Raytha and Tim have made three feeding stations from the fence boards and are donating a cat shelter also. Thanks to these super people who are generous with their time and effort!  
Trapping success! 

We love to get updates about your success with your trapping. 

From Gabby: "Just wanted to say thank you and give recognition to the Volunteer: Mary B. She was very informative and a great person to have on your team! We were able to catch feral mom and 3 kittens."

Thanks for helping out a fellow trapper, Mary! And thanks to Gabby for choosing to TNR and be part of the solution to the cat overpopulation problem. 

You can always send pics/stories of your trapping experiences after attending our TNR class by emailing us at info@sanantonioferalcats.org We love to share with others! 

Join us for Spirit Night at all four Wilie's Grill & Icehouse locations

We hope to see you for lunch or dinner at Willie's on Tuesday, October 20 for our Spirit Night fundraiser benefiting our Cat Crisis Fund. This fundraiser will be at all four locations: 

San Pedro 

You must mention you are there for SAFCC and see "Spirit Night" on your check. We get 15% of sales including adult beverages ALL DAY. For those who prefer not to dine in, to-go orders are included! Online orders will not be included in the fundraiser total. Click HERE to download and share the flyer. Please share with your friends! This fundraiser benefits our Cat Crisis Fund which provides medical care for sick or injured community cats. Can't go to Willie's but you'd still like to support this program? Please consider a food donation via our website HERE.

Trap loan volunteer needed on South West side. 

We are in need of a trap loan volunteer on the southwest side of San Antonio. If you have attended our TNR class and can meet the below requirements, please email us at info@sanantonioferalcats.org. 

The minimal requirements are:
  • Vehicle large enough to hold several traps.
  • Storage for 10 - 15 traps, out of the elements. 
  • Be able to meet people to loan traps 7 days a week. 
  • Be able to keep track of trap loans and provide a monthly report to Trap Loan Lead.
The southwest side of San Antonio is a great area of need, so this position is vital. Thank you!

Cat colony etiquette: part one

Many conflicts arise from issues between colony caretakers and people living in the same area as a feral cat colony. Many times these issues result in the cats becoming the bad guys and being harmed or threatened. With a few simple colony etiquette guidelines in place, you as a colony caretaker can ensure good community relations for your cats.

Find the perfect spot to set up your feeding area. Be discreet. Don't trespass and don't cause unwanted attention to the cats.  

  1. Never stage your feeding area out in the open for everyone to see, such as on a sidewalk, on steps/ramps leading into a building, or on private property where there is no permission to feed. 
  2. If you are planning to feed at the parking lot of a building or store, get written permission from the property management or property owner to feed the colony. H.E.B., Wal-Mart, shopping strip centers and apartment complexes are very problematic areas within which to set up your feeding area. Feeding cats at these locations causes them needless exposure to cars, possible contact with too many people and can trigger trespassing issues for you. 
  3. If you are feeding a colony at your own home, feed in your backyard, as opposed to your front yard. You can be sure there will usually be a neighbor or two who will complain to Animal Care Services about all of the cats being fed very publicly on the sidewalk in front of your house.  
The key message is to be discreet about feeding cats as not everyone is fond of cats. The old adage of "out of sight, out of mind" is very appropriate when feeding your colony. Remember, people will not complain about something they don't see and cruel people will not poison or shoot with pellet guns that which they don't see. By simply following these guidelines, you are helping to protect your cats. 

Tune in for more tips in our upcoming newsletters.

Order from Chewy and SAFCC will get a $20 donation! 

First-time Chewy customers can order pet food at Chewy.com and San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition will get a $20 donation! 

For every new Chewy customer purchase* made after signing up through our personal Chewy link HERE, Chewy will then donate $20 to the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition.

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SAFCC Cat of the Month: Daniella

Meet Daniella, a 4-month-old female calico. She was found at a colony her foster mom cares for. Daniella's foster mom saw how friendly Daniella was and took her in to foster until Daniella was ready to find a home. 

Daniella is a playful, sweet, active gal. She loves rubs and attention, to chase her toys and run though tunnels. Daniella is very social and affectionate with other cats and dogs. 

If you are interested in Daniella call/text her foster mom Lorraine at 210-471-8462 or send an email HERE.

Daniella's adoption fee is 100.00 which includes FVRCP/Rabies Vaccinations, Spay/Neuter, Microchipping and Combo Tested for Heartworms/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus/Feline Leukemia. All fosters under San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition Community Cat Adoption Program are fostered privately through foster homes and fully vetted.
Clinic Closures

Trappers, please take note of the upcoming clinic closures: 

Clinic will be closed for feral surgeries on Thursday, October 22. 

No feral surgeries though Friday, October 9. Clinic staff hope to start again on October 12, but please check our website for changes.

For more information about participating clinics and their days/hours, please visit our website HERE
Help us continue to do this important work for our city! Please donate HERE.
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