Our vision is to have a community where no kittens are born wild on the street, no cat  capable of living in a home is lacking one, and no feral cats are wanting for food, water,  and appropriate care and concern.

Thank you for showing up for Willie's Spirit Night Fundraiser

Thanks to our supporters that dined at Willie's Grill & Icehouse Spirit Night Fundraiser in support of SAFCC's Feral Food Program. 
Here are the results from the fundraiser based on location: 
San Pedro: $107.97
Shavano Park: $38.73
Highway 151: $26.44
Zarzamora: $6.10
Total: $179.24

Our Feral Food Program supports colony caretakers who are financially unable to feed the community cats in their care. If you weren't able to make it to Willie's but would like to support this program, please click HERE
Thank you for your generous donations

We are so grateful to those who donated to our Community Cat Adoption Program fundraiser. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to surpass our fundraising goal of $10,000! With the onslaught of kitten season and limited clinic hours, our CCAP team has been busy saving cats and kittens off the street. When our CCAP funds are low, the ability for our team to take in additional fosters is threatened. Your donations make all the difference. If you'd like to support the fundraiser while it's still active, please click HERE.
Get a cool sticker and support SAFCC

Stop by What's Brewing? to grab some great coffee and a cool sticker featuring community cat Midnight. Midnight was a feral that showed up at their warehouse and who SAFCC volunteer Megan, helped trap and fix. The coffee company became smitten with the cat and named Midnight as their honorary warehouse cat. Midnight is now gone, but this cool sticker honors her memory. Stickers are $1 each and all proceeds from their sale go to SAFCC. Thanks so much to What's Brewiing for being a friend to ferals and for supporting our work with community cats. 
Save the date for The Big Give 2020 on September 10

Please save the date for this year's rescheduled The Big Give fundraiser on Thursday, September 10, 2020.  As our biggest fundraiser of the year, The Big Give provides necessary funds for many of the programs that SAFCC operates in the community. 

Stay tuned here on our newsletter and our website and social media for updated information about this fundraiser. 

Flea Treatment for Yards and Feral Colony Feeding Areas 

If you've got a colony of cats, you may find that this year fleas are everywhere. With the warm winter, fleas have thrived. The cat pictured here was recently treated for a flea allergy, something common during the summer. Her caretaker noticed she was licking and itching until she had hair loss and had scabs on her nose and face. After we supplied a treatment of revolution, the cat is now doing much better and her fur is growing back and scabs healing. If you'd like a way to manage any fleas you may have, read on. 

For around $27 - $34 and a little bit of effort, you can treat an average-sized yard for fleas with Beneficial Nematodes. These nematodes  (cost of $20) can be found at your local plant nursery such as Rainbow Gardens, or a Nema Globe for $14 on Amazon Prime. Nematodes are little microscopic organisms that, when sprayed onto your yard will feed on over 200 species of yard pests, including flea eggs and larva, ants, beetles, flies, weevils, and grubs. The package contains over 5 million nematodes which can treat 1,500 square feet of yard. It will take a couple of days for the nematodes to start their work. They are also safe to use around humans and pets. The nematodes can live up to 2 years in your yard but here in South Texas, it is best to apply them yearly. 

After the nematodes have been sprayed and the grass has dried off after a couple of days, apply food grade Diatomaceous Earth (average cost is about $12 - $16) at your local feed store, Lowe's or Amazon. The product is a very fine powder that sticks to the body of the adult flea which makes them get dehydrated and die. Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade comes with a convenient dusting tool to make spreading the dust a bit easier. It can be a little messy but it is an inexpensive treatment of the adult stage of the flea and can be dusted around your cat's lounging and feeding areas. Make sure that you purchase the food grade version of the product because it will be safe to use around humans and pets. This 2-pronged approach to treating the yard for fleas is easy and cost effective. At such a low price point, you can even offer to treat your neighbor's yard if they are having an issue with fleas.
Tune in for an interview with SAFCC President Sherry Derdak

Tune in on Sunday, August 2, to KONO to listen to a prerecorded interview with SAFCC President Sherry Derdak. Sherry discusses the various ways the COVID pandemic has effected our organization, community cats, colony caretakers, TNR partner clinics and TNR efforts.  

The interview airs on Sunday, August 2, at 6 A.M. on Y100 and KSMG and 6:30 A.M. on KISS, KONO AM/FM, KTKX and KKYX. It will run again on August 9 at 6:30 A.M. on Y100 and KSMG and 6 A.M. on KISS, KONO AM/FM, KTKX and KKYX. As always, the interview will also be available on the KONO website HERE after air-date for listening or downloading at any time. 

SAFCC Cat of the Month: Lucky

Meet Lucky Skywalker  a sweet brown tabby who got his name because he literally fell out of the sky when he was dropped by a hawk who wanted him for dinner. A SAFCC foster took Lucky in who required surgery but is now fully recovered. Lucky is a very affectionate, playful, healthy kitten, who still has at least 7 of his 9 lives left! 

Lucky has amazing tabby markings with both stripes spots, somewhat like a Bengal. Like most kittens Lucky can be very active, but he especially likes to be a lap cat. Sometimes he wants to be a shoulder cat will climb up the back of your chair to get to his favorite perch. He gets along with other cats and is familiar with his foster mom's 2 big Labrador-cross mutts.  If you are interested in Lucky, please email his foster mom Donna HERE .
Help us continue to do this important work for our city! Please donate  HERE .
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