February 2021 | Issue 4
From My Desk to Your Inbox

Keeping the residents and the business communities informed is a top priority and the reason we continue to explore additional communication platforms. I am happy to report City Council meetings are now being live-streamed due to an extensive overhaul of the City Council Chambers' audio-visual equipment. Tune in on the second and fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 P.M.to keep informed of city business.
One of our first platforms, City Focus-State of the City, will be in mailboxes soon. This edition features the 2020 year in review from each departments’ perspective. Additionally, you will find highlighted 2021 department goals. City Focus is one of our oldest publications and continues to be a great source of information for our community.  

We are keeping our promise to keep you informed and continue looking at additional ways to keep you connected to the city. Don’t forget to follow us on social media, visit our website, and watch the community channel. Links to social media and the city's website are below. 
Have a great February!
Anthony DiCicco, Mayor/Safety Director
Department Briefs
Police and Community Partnership 
The Mayfield Heights Police Department is dedicated to providing quality service to our residents. We strive to build relationships with residents and businesses to improve our community's quality of life and safety. We offer several programs for citizens to become more engaged with the Police Department. If you are interested in learning about the programs offered, please visit our webpage.

Mayfield Heights Dispatch Center 
The Mayfield Heights Police Department employs seven full-time and two part-time Communications Officers. MHPD Communications Officers have a great understanding of the city's geographical locations and are trained in providing Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD). Communications Officers work 24/7 and are usually the first contact for the Police Department both in person and on the phone. Although many agencies have opted to regionalize dispatch centers, MHPD is proud to run and maintain a communications center right in the department with highly trained and knowledgeable staff to serve our community's needs. 

911-Cuyahoga Emergency Communications Systems (CECOMS) 
Dialing 911 from a cellular phone may direct your call to a regional dispatch center (CECOMS), 
which then transfers the call to Mayfield Heights.
To avoid the delay, the MHPD recommends residents program their cell phones to include the MHPD Communication Center for emergencies.
The number is 440-442-2323. Additionally, if
you would like a one-button emergency link on
your phone, you can download the "Your 911" app.
Lock it or Lose it! 
The MHPD t is initiating a new campaign this year called “Lock it or Lose it!” Signs with this slogan will be placed at multiple locations throughout the year to remind residents to lock their doors and secure valuables. 

Scam Tips 
  • Never pay a debt with a gift card!
  • Do not give out personal information over the phone!
  • If you are unsure if the person you are speaking with on the phone is legitimate, research a valid phone number for the company or individual and tell them you will call them back.
Use the Police Department as a resource! We are happy to help residents to prevent them from becoming victims.
COVID 19 Vaccine Locations 
Community Partnership on Aging has an in-depth chart of vaccine locations in the area. The chart includes the name, address, phone number, website, and registration process for each site.
COVID Vaccinations
The MHFD continues to assist the Cuyahoga County Board of Health with COVID vaccinations. Many firefighters took advantage of getting the initial vaccine in December 2020, with their second dose administered in January.
MHFD Annual Report
The Fire Department's annual report with be finalized this month. Once completed, the report will post to the MHFD web page on the city’s website. Access the MHFD web page here.
Training Room Visual Equipment
With the completion of the Fire Department’s training room audio and visual system installed, the department can now utilize virtual education for training and learning purposes that allows for safe distancing in the training room.
Executive Caterers is now Driftwood Catering Landerhaven
Executive Caterers at Landershaven is now a subsidiary of the Driftwood Group, a premier restaurant and catering company with seven award-winning restaurants, concessions, and catering services in the Cleveland area. They are in the process of upgrading the interior of Landerhaven and will be making significant exterior design changes as well.
Road Program and Sidewalk Program
Bid ads for the 2021 Road Program and Sidewalk Program will be advertised this month. The 2021 Road Program includes Worton Blvd., the Ashcroft area, and Gates Mills Blvd. More information will be available soon.
Mayfield Heights Property Taxes
One of the major sources of revenue for Mayfield Heights is property taxes, but did you know the City receives less than 12 cents of every property tax dollar paid? The actual distribution is as follows:

  • Mayfield Schools: 59.5%
  • Cuyahoga County: 22.7%
  • City of Mayfield Heights: 11.8%
  • Cuyahoga County Library: 3.8%
  • Cleveland Metroparks: 2.2%

You can estimate your property taxes by multiply your home’s value by 2.66%. The estimated taxes of a $100,000 home is $2,660. For more information, visit the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office website.