August 30TH, 2019
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Ormond Shopping Strip
Our focus for this week's newsletter is the Ormond Shopping strip. Next few weeks we will be returning to traders in the Sandringham Shopping Village and sharing their stories again. This weeks edition contains some great stories, enjoy the read.
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Simons Cakes.

Is there nothing better than freshly baked food?

At Simon’s cakes in Ormond they think so, especially when they bake their cakes in the traditional way without preservatives.

Simon initially had his business established in Centre Road in Bentleigh east, but moved to the Ormond, North Road Shopping strip in 2013 after his business was affected by constant toad works......

On Top Bar

One of the reasons I wanted to do a story about the “On Top Bar” (OTB or On Top) in Ormond is because I had attended a Xmas breakup with my work colleague back in 2015 and the place simply resonated with me.

So I was excited to have the chance to write a story about the venue....... Read more

It’s always interesting when you walk into a shop and you are confronted with something that you weren’t expecting!

Entanglements in Jasper Road, Ormond, did exactly that for me.

The décor in the shopfront tended to make you think you had walked into a meditation centre instead of a décor store. The mood was relaxed and peaceful and the artwork was stunning. On my first visit it was a pretty hot day, but inside entanglements, it was cool, it was peaceful and the staff were welcoming. ....... Read more
Tim Lai - Features in Australian wide magazine!
Last edition we featured Tim Lai from Aquatica Pumps. Well that was simply a warm up with Tim and his company now featuring in Australia's premier Hardware magazine, the hardware journal. This is a major coup for Tim and Aquatica Pumps as this magazine is delivered to the majority of Hardware store in Australia. To see the article
Ormond Business Listing. Check out the other businesses we have visited in Ormond by Clicking Here then please look to support these local businesses.
Sandringham Business Listing. Check out the other businesses we have visited in Sandringham by Clicking Here then please look to support these local businesses.
Mann's Best Friend, you betcha!.

Pet owners are an interesting bunch, some should never have been one, some never intended to be one, some have them as trophies or virtue signalling toys only to dump them, but most of us simply can't live without them. In fact, the longer we have the privilege of owning a pet the more connected we become.

I was an accidental pet owner and what I write in this article will surprise those who know me, as they won't know this side of me. After nearly fifteen years of undying loyalty and unconditional love my dog deserves this tribute before and not after he passes. He doesn't have long to go.

In defense of Christians and their Faith

I am a flawed Catholic who was raised by parents, especially my mother who embraced the church.

Throughout my childhood, I was dragged to church each Sunday and each holy day and was sent to a number of Catholic schools. If Mum had her way I am sure we all would have gone every day as she did. While not being a fan of attending church over watching television especially if it meant missing a sports-related show, my experience in the Catholic church has been on the whole a positive one........ Read more
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Ashes to Ashes, hold on where's the review?

Publicly the Australian Cricket team leadership said all the correct things after their crushing test lost at Headingley, at least all the politically correct things
U16 Warriors Boys make Grand Final

The U16 Warrior Boys have progressed to their second consecutive Rep Grand Final with a great 54-41 win over McKinnon.

The boys playing under the Keysborough Cougars banner have won both of their finals with convincing wins and have now earned a week's break.
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