December 5th, 2019
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Cheltenham here we come!
Next week we are moving on to the Cheltenham suburb, Shopping Strip and industrial area from next week. Get in contact to ensure we include your Sandringham business before we do.
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Lygon Street we are there!
For the past four weeks we have been visiting our northern most suburb in our coverage and visiting businesses in the famous Lygon Street district of Carlton. We have decided to expand the coverage of business strips and regions to include all suburbs between Carlton and Cheltenham along Melbournes South East bayside suburbs.
BMBA 2020 Term One Registrations now open

Are you looking for better basketball coaching for your son or daughter?

Most juniors playing basketball simply don't receive proper coaching in the fundamentals of the game and never realise their true potential or obtain the most enjoyment possible that they can through the sport.

Well the BMBA wants to change all that. Register your child for high quality training and coaching well above what they will receive through their domestic or rep teams. All players are welcome to join, for more information and to register ....... Click Here
Fit For Life Fitness Studio

The first thing you notice when you walk past the Fit for Life fitness studio in Sandringham is its location. Across the road from the Sandringham Hotel and meters from the beach this is a great bit of commercial real estate and even more, importantly would provide an array of options for physical activity.

This was one of the things that attracted Vic Currie, the studio’s business owner and head trainer to go into business for himself ten years ago........... Read more
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We have been busy over the past 4 to 6 weeks expanding our reach and our results have been impressive. Over the past fortnight we have added 200 businesses to our subscription list and business directory pages.

You can see these business listings via our links below. We now know that we will be adding a minimum of 100 businesses a week through Melbourne's South East bayside suburbs between Carlton & Mentone. This will include the Melbourne Central, Chadstone and Southland shopping centres.

Over the next twelve months we will have on our lists over 5000 business contacts from one of Melbourne and Australia's most affluent regions. What an opportunity to have your business brand and story distributed to fellow business owners and potential customers. What an opportunity to learn from other business owners and their stories

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Carlton Business Listing. Check out the businesses we have visited in Carlton, including the famous Lygon Street strip by Clicking Here then please look to support these local businesses.
Sandringham Business Listing. Check out the businesses we have visited in in the fabulous Sandringham shopping village near the bay by Clicking Here then please look to support these local businesses.
Ormond Business Listing. Check out the businesses we have visited in the busy North Road shopping strip in Ormond by Clicking Here then please look to support these local businesses.
100 years on, is there a conversation to be had?

"Though shall not grow old".
How often have we heard these words in the poem written by English poet Robert Laurence Binyon? Now it's the title of a new documentary, produced by Peter Jackson that is available through Netflix which I watched while all of the Extinction Rebellion nonsense was happening.
The film starts by showing young men rushing to recruitment offices to join up for what they saw as the "Great Adventure". The film includes voice-overs from actual veterans of the war that have been recorded over the years. Most interestingly the film progresses from old black and white footage to newly restored colorized footage that gives you a new perspective and rams home the reality of who these men were and what they faced in the horror that was World War One... ........ Read more
Is it wrong to love a dog?

Six weeks ago I had to put my dog Kobe to sleep to end his suffering. We had been together for close to fifteen years and not long ago he had his spleen removed due to cancer. Due to this I had been prepared for this moment, but naturally going through it I was still effected by it.

This wasn’t surprising but my emotions since that horrible weekend has effected me much more than I had anticipated.
.. ........ Read more
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NBL - Reflections after Round 8
Kings leading the pack!

With eight rounds completed it’s time for some reflections on the new NBL season

Without a doubt, the most impressive squad I have seen so far is the Sydney Kings. New coach Will Weaver has done a great job in restructuring this squad to provide it with balance, experience and class.
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