All of us here at the Community Health Training Institute are excited to kick off a great year of training! We are offering lots of new and revised trainings based on the feedback we heard from you all. Plus, we are rolling out an exciting new opportunity to be a part of, so scroll down for more details!

Thanks to generous funding from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, our trainings are always free. 


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Trainer: Maddie Ribble, Massachusetts Public Health Association
Wednesday, September 26
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Online Training

Topics: Overview of the history of ACO's, the role they play in Massachusetts healthcare, and how they address SDoH

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO's) have become increasingly prevalent in state Medicaid programs as a way to improve health care quality, control high costs, and address the social determinants of health as we have seen in Massachusetts. The trainers will go over the history of health reform in Massachusetts, what an ACO is, and the role they play in addressing the social determinants of health. Using Massachusetts as the primary case study, participants will be able to understand how ACO's are facilitating the coordination of care for vulnerable populations through a public health and prevention lens. The trainers will dive more deeply into topics like MassHealth, social service integration, and exactly how ACO's are addressing SDoH in our state. 

By participating in this online training, participants will be able to:
  1. Define what an Accountable Care Organization is.
  2. Identify ways in which ACO's address social determinants of health in Massachusetts
  3. Name strategies for aligning community prevention work with the larger healthcare system in MA. 
This training addresses the following MA DPH Coalition Criteria:
  1. Shared vision including a focus on reducing health disparities and promoting health equity
  2. Consistency with MA DPH's goals and priorities

Implementing a Health in All Policies Approach
October 2018
Worcester, MA 
Topics: Overview of HiAP, tools on how coalitions can incorporate this into their work
Registration opening soon!

How to Run Effective Meetings
November 2018
Topics: Making an agenda with clear goals, incorporating activities to engage different learning styles, and fostering an environment where everyone feels heard and valued
Registration opening soon!

Preparing Your Community for Policy Change: What to Expect at Municipal Meetings
December 2018
Topics:  Overview of structure of local governments, tips for presenting at town halls
Registration opening soon!

Announcing our 2019 Health Equity Cohort! 

This cohort will serve as a learning network that connects public health workers and coalition leaders from across the state working to promote health equity in their communities. Participants will share and learn:

  1. From their collective experiences and challenges.
  2. Through engaging in interactive training methods and skill-focused learning.
  3. By exploring the topic of health equity and incorporating those learnings into their work. 
Applications to join the cohort will be released in September!

We want to know where you think we should host our trainings, what topics you would like us to offer, and what time of year you prefer trainings to be held.  



The Coalition Finder was created in June 2015 as a joint initiative between  The Community Health Training Institute and the  MA Department of Public Health to better serve coalitions across the state. 

We are working to build a network of MA coalitions to increase access to resources, training, and peer-to-peer support. It is the only searchable database of coalitions in the state, and the more people we engage in it, the better our database becomes. This roster is not a definitive list;   its accuracy is determined by coalitions' efforts to verify, add, and update their own organizational profiles.

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Culture of Health Prize (the Prize) recognizes communities that have come together around a commitment to health, opportunity, and equity through collaboration and inclusion, especially with historically marginalized populations and those facing the greatest barriers to good health. 

Contact us for more information about opportunities to grow through training and resources, or if you'd like to submit a resource or event for inclusion in the next update. 


Daisy Ortega, Gina Rodriguez, and Kelly Danckert
Community Health Training Institute

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