July, 2020
What's happening at Compass?
Compass Intervention Center hosted a mobile food pantry to support the community on June 24, 2020. We were able to provide food for hundreds of families in need! Volunteers provided smiling faces and helped us package and distribute the food. Local Fox 13 News made an appearance as well. We enjoyed working with our co-hosts: Mid-South Food Bank, Memphis Inter-Denominational Fellowship Incorporated, and Great Together! The patients at Compass even created signs for people to read while sitting in their cars before receiving food. The staff at Compass are excited that so many people were able to be involved with supporting our local community! Thank you to everyone who helped us with this project!
School Scoops:
Compass Academy was proud to have 8 students graduate in the class of 2020! We had a big celebration for one of our students who will be attending a 4-year university program this fall! Congrats to all of our graduates! We are so proud!
Compass Kids:
Compass Academy encourages hands-on activities and strives to help children learn through the styles that work best for them! The patients at Compass Academy have been learning about the Bill of Rights through creative activities. Some patients chose to write a rap and others chose to display the amendments through artist design and poetry! Pictured are some of their creations!
Upcoming Events
July 22nd: Free Virtual CEU Webinar – Cootie Defense 101: Learning How to Defend Your School, Organization, or Agency

July 29th: Free Virtual CEU Webinar – A Year of Transitions: Adapting to the Educational Changes of 2020/2021 as Educators, Parents, and Providers  
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