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Cord Himelstein, World at Work

An employee's overall work experience has been
recognized over the years to have an impactful result in company performance and engagement. Knowing what motivates employees can directly affect their behavior. Using a communication tool like recognition affirms to employees that their work is appreciated and that their contributions have been noticed. Knowing that, employees will be excited do the work they are doing because they know what they are doing matters. In addition, they contribute to something bigger: the company's overall success and growth (monetarily and non-monetarily). Read further to see how organizations can implement different types of employee recognition programs in their compensation packages.
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Development of 
Compensation System

Prachi Juneja, Management Study Guide Content Team

Do you know what components go into designing a compensation plan? In this article, see how companies leverage their comp systems to increase and maintain employee engagement and motivation. Additionally, how managers communicate with their team in implementing the best system that meets your organizations needs and requirements and help them achieve their strategic goals. 

Be confident when choosing an HRMS for your organization.  COMPOSE by Decusoft released a webinar in February focusing on critical questions to ask during the purchasing process. TechTarget touches upon similar topics and suggests new points to ensure you are picking a vendor that exceeds all your needs and business requirements. This can help HR buyers and decision makers eliminate poor vendors from the best ones and ensure your software is implemented as planned and without any additional costs or surprises. Our Implementation Manager,   Rebecca Baker, advises that ultimately you want to select a vendor that will truly be a partner for years to come and one that can offer the flexibility your organization will need to grow your incentive programs.  read more
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