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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance to pay is becoming a factor in many executive pay incentive plans. More than half of firms are either using or planning to use ESG as a goal for executives to try to boost their earnings. Most importantly, ESG incentive plans are effective in expressing the values of the organization and encourages employees to operate in an environmentally and socially conscious way. To that point, if investors believe EGS has drastic value for shareholders, wouldn't teams want to review the inclusion of EGS in their executive compensation programs?  read more  

Engaging the Workforce Across Generations: Meeting the Needs of the Five Distinct Generations in Today's Workplace

A workplace with multi-generational groups have differing views on work/life balance, career growth, culture, and other issues that impact an organization. This challenges HR leaders to create a work environment where engagement, loyalty, and productivity are high, despite the demographic differences among their employees. Experts suggest different solutions including focusing on the other strong influences within a company that go beyond age. In fact, there are many common interests shared among multi-generations including respect, growth opportunities, purpose, and more. Organizations are even using software solutions to track, maintain, and analyze employee trends to create motivated, equal, and successful company culture. 

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