Two free breathing exercises give you the basics of what I call "maintenance breathing" and "Therapeutic Breathwork."
The Complete Breath Demonstration
The Complete Breath Demonstration
The Complete Breath Demonstration
Jim Morningstar shares the four steps of The Complete Breath exercise for physiological well being, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual refreshment and guidance. Each step demonstrated is noted for its uses and benefits. It can bring you to centering, peace and greater resourcefulness in as little as two minutes or can be extended to a 30 minute meditation. 
The Online Breathwork Practicum is ready for you...
Breathe with the Universe
Begin or continue your breathwork certification training at home with the online Breathwork Practicum. Six recorded seminars and exercises that you do on your own lay the foundation for your own breathwork practice and sharing the skill with others. When you are ready we will connect you with a certified practitioner to supervise your sharing of this life affirming skill with others. Begin today:   Practicum in Therapeutic Breathwork $87
Residential Breathwork Certification August 13-17, 2017
    Join us this August 13-17, 2017  at Cedar Valley In Wisconsin for  a true body and soul renewal.  Learn to breathe fully and freely for personal transformation and professional enhancement. Take the first breath of your new life. Four Levels of Training as a professional breathworker. Reserve your place now:
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