The Comprehensive Plan

In the late 1990s the Village Board set out to create a Comprehensive Plan to be used as a blueprint for future planning. A committee was formed with Barbara Borsack as chair, and included residents, business owners, and village staff (our planner and our lawyer). This committee met for many months to discuss what they envisioned for the future of East Hampton Village.

The Comprehensive Plan was completed by the committee and adopted by the Village Board in 2002 and has been the defining word in guiding the Board in its decisions over these past 18 years. Among the many things the plan addresses are zoning, neighborhood character, the commercial core, and our scenic vistas and historic structures. It has been an invaluable tool for planning and visioning for our Village.

As an example of one of the things the plan addresses, it clearly states that residents want a healthy commercial district, but also desire that the boundaries between commercial and residential zoning to be carefully guarded. In addition it references parking, open space, and pre-existing, non-conforming uses in residential neighborhoods.

We believe that the Comprehensive Plan, created by stakeholders in the village, is a great tool and important planning document. At the same time, the recommendation of the committee was that the plan be re-examined in twenty years, and we totally agree!

There are new issues to discuss such as waste water treatment, water quality, and short term internet rentals – all topics which were not on anyone’s radar back in 2002. 

We would like to see a new Comprehensive Plan Committee assembled this year to begin the process of updating the plan, which will assist with future planning here in East Hampton Village. That will be one of the first things we do if we are elected in September. We hope you agree!

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Photos by Richard Lewin