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Here's this week's round of cool reads to keep you busy in between watching football, Christmas shopping, decorating, eating, drinking, yard work, chores, building cool stuff, shoveling snow, gathering firewood, waiting in line for tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, or anything else that bears mentioning.

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Thoughtful Repurposing
Teardowns of electronics devices can be an excellent means of learning how to design circuits for the real world, as well as an inexpensive source of parts for your construction projects.

Oscilloscope Probes
Oscilloscope Probes and Probing

Do you get erratic results with your oscilloscope? As you start probing higher and higher frequencies, do the results get increasingly odder? Let's address the reasons for that strange behavior and construct an Active Probe for about $25.

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Smiley_s Workshop
Smiley's Workshop 28
C Programming * Hardware * Projects

In the next few Workshops, we'll progress to using external Flash memory via SPI, but first we will learn about shift registers which lead logically to SPI. The shift registers we are using could be used with AVR hardware SPI, but we will first write our own software to use our shift registers mainly to show how easy it is and to help understand how these things work.

Learning Systems for PICs

This is an educational learning system - not just another experimenter board -  for all levels of programming from beginner to expert.
Learn the fundamental concepts of programming, from plain-English descriptions of software tools to concepts including program flow, loops, coding techniques, binary manipulation, device-to-device communication, user-interface design, and more.
14 Lessons use a building-block approach to teach you incrementally, from a six-line program to a working user-interface.
Tutorial assumes no prior knowledge of programming.
All necessary hardware and software included, all you need is a computer with a standard USB port.
555 Astable Circuits
555 Astable Circuits
The '555 timer' is a popular and versatile bipolar IC that is specifically designed to generate accurate and stable C-R - defined timing periods, for use in a variety of monostable 'one-shot' pulse generator and astable squarewave generator applications. This article shows practical ways of using the IC in a variety of useful astable multivibrator or squarewave generator applications.
Apollo Guidance Computer
The Computer That Took Man To The Moon

Even though the last Saturn V flew some 40 years ago, the Apollo moon landings remain one of mankind's greatest engineering efforts. What makes them even more impressive was the era in which they were designed.

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Robot Builder_s Sourcebook
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Robot Builder's Sourcebook
By Nuts & Volts and SERVO author Gordon McComb  
  • Fascinated by the world of robotics but don't know how to tap into the incredible amount of information available on the subject?
  • Clueless as to locating specific information on robotics?
  • Want the names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites of companies that can supply the exact part, plan, kit, building material, programming language, operating system, computer system, or publication you've been searching for?

Well then. Here's over 700 pages of exactly what you need! Plus over 250 mini-articles to help fill in the knowledge gaps or get you started! 

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