Volume 2 | Issue 3 | August 31 , 2017
District News
Superintendent's Corner
Happy First Day of School Eve!

When staff returned on Monday, I was reminded once again of why the Whitnall School District is such a special place. There was such excitement and enthusiasm for the new school year. I am so proud to serve this district in my role as superintendent.

Our district theme this year is Proud History, Bright Future , as a reminder that, while we have new changes to positively impact student learning, there are many traditions and structures that continue to serve us well. We have celebrated staff members who have been in the district more than 15 years, those just joining the district, and those who are Whitnall alumni.

All of our staff members have been eagerly preparing for our students to arrive tomorrow and are excited to kick off the new year! Strong relationships play a critical role in providing a strong education, and our caring staff is committed to developing those relationships.

I look forward to again sharing with you my weekly experiences in the district. During the summer, I've missed getting into buildings and seeing students and staff. I've also missed attending activities and events!

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Whitnall High School
First Day of School Bell Schedule

The first day of school bell schedule is here !

  • 9th grade only in the AM, 10th-12th after lunch
  • Lunch will only be served to 9th grade students
  • Bussing for 9th grade will be at regular time. Bussing pick up time for 10-12th will be approximately 4 hours from the regular time. Ex: a 6:45 am pick up will be 10:45 am. 
Reminders for 9/5
On Tuesday, all students report at regular time. Zero Hour starts at 7:00 am. First Hour starts at 7:45 am. Set your alarm clocks to be on time! 

Parents dropping off and picking up students must avoid the bus circle. Please use the area near the District Office entrance. 
Whitnall Middle School
WMS First Day of School: 6th Graders Only!

We will spend the first day of the new school year (Sept. 1st) getting our 6th graders acclimated and familiar with the building. 7th and 8th graders will not report until Tuesday, Sept. 5th.
Picture Day
Remember that student's first day of school is picture day! 6th graders will have their school pictures taken on Friday, September 1st, while 7th and 8th graders will have their school pictures taken on Tuesday, September 5th.
New Start Time!
7:55 AM
Edgerton Elementary
Last Minute Reminders Coming!

Watch for communication from Edgerton regarding last minute reminders. Edgerton is so excited for tomorrow, the first day of a brand new year!
Hales Corners Elementary
Staggered Start Dates for K4 and K5
K4 and K5 families: Please send your child on the staggered start date provided in the letter you received from HCE. Students will either attend school on Friday, September 1 OR Tuesday, September 5. All K4 and K5 will be together on Wednesday, September 6.
Drop Off
Students who are driven to school should be dropped off in the parking lot only. The north side of the school is for our bus drop off and neighborhood walkers only. Please follow the parking lot procedure linked HERE.  Please do not drop students off until the parking lot supervision staff are in place. Supervision begins at 8:20 am on “good weather” days. If it is raining or below zero, supervision begins at 8:30 am.

Students who are dropped off should assemble on the WEST playground. Early Childhood and K4 assemble in the Gym lobby (glass doors). Grades K5 and 2 enter DOOR 10. Grades 1, 3, 4, 5 enter DOOR 12.