Volume 3 | Issue 22 | January 22 , 2019
District News
Two-Way Communication
Last night, the district held a focus group related to two-way communication. With parents and community members, we explored the idea of a venue that allowed for stakeholders to have a voice -- asking the district timely questions, receiving input from other parents, opinion gathering, info sharing, etc.

Parents and community members provided valuable input, but recognized that to truly get a picture of the needs and preferences of the entire parent population, we would need to solicit further input. In response, we have created this survey. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts.

While we will need time to gather and review your input, we wanted to provide two-way communication as soon as possible. Therefore, we have created a Facebook group. Please join the group, and feel free to begin interacting with the district and other parents.

In the survey, there is a section to share what you believe should be guidelines for the two-way communication venue. But we will begin with the legal considerations of the district and the guidelines expressed by the participants of last night's focus group.

  • Refrain from naming (this includes students, staff, and other parents, but applies especially to minors).
  • Refrain from posting speculative information, rumors, and inaccurate information as fact.
  • Engage with the page in an appropriate and positive manner (no profanity, bashing, etc.)

When we review the results of the survey, more formal guidelines will be put in place.

The responses to this survey--as well as monitoring the successes and challenges of the Facebook group--will inform how we move forward. Thank you for your participation.
Parent Teacher Conferences Survey
In December, the school board approved the 2019-20 school calendar, and we have posted the calendar online. We noted that we are still finalizing dates for parent teacher conferences. We would like to solicit parent feedback on conferences to make them as effective and beneficial as possible. It is important that we hear from all parents, regardless of if you have attended conferences or not. Please complete this survey by Friday, February 1.