November 3, 2021

Welcome to the latest issue of The Connection, APHSA’s newsletter offering updates and resources pertaining to employment and economic well-being, child and family well-being, and H/HS integration.
We teamed with the Urban Institute for our latest research report, Documenting Pandemic EBT for the 2020–21 School Year, detailing state SNAP administrators’ experience with planning for and implementing Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) in the 2020-2021 school year. It analyzes the challenges state administrators faced in launching this new program, as well as reflects on considerations for the future.

The Urban Institute has also contributed to our latest blog post: Improving Emergency Nutrition Response for Families: State Perspectives on P-EBT Implementation from the 2020-21 School Year, by Elaine Waxman and Poonam Gupta of Urban's Income and Benefits Policy Center. This is the latest in our new Catalyst blog series taking a detailed look at the American Rescue Plan and the ways in which we can leverage it to strengthen the resiliency of our public health and human services infrastructure.
APHSA Updates
Join us for our next edition of our Leadership Corner series on Tuesday, November 16. In Advancing a Strong Social and Economic Future for Black and Brown Families in the South, we will learn with Renata Soto, a nationally recognized leader and champion for partnering with immigrant families and communities to realize a better social and economic future across generations. Renata will share her journey as an immigrant being Latina in the South, the search for belonging and what home means, and talk about her search to better understand U.S. history, the country’s origin story, and its legacy of slavery and racism. Complimentary registration here.
Check out the latest episodes of our new podcast series, Our Dream Deferred: Fulfilling the Nation’s Promise. In Episode 3, Phil Howard, author and Oxford University Sociology Professor, talks about the impacts of social media on modern life. You can find us on your preferred streaming platform by searching for “Our Dream Deferred” or our podcast page. Catch us every Tuesday, share with your network, write us a review - and send us your feedback and questions!

ACCT/AACC Joint Statement on Build Back Better Framework - Association of Community College Trustees, 10/28/21
States Working to Advance Quality Non-degree Credentials Attainment and Racial Equity, October 28, 2021 - This blog by the National Skills Coalition details plans for working with six state teams as part of their 2021-2022 Quality Postsecondary Credential Policy Academy. Through the Academy, state agency teams will work together to advance a high-quality postsecondary skills strategy so more residents can attain quality credentials.

ACF Publishes FY 2020 Characteristics and Financial Circumstances of TANF Recipients, November 1, 2021 - The Administration for Children and Families
has released spreadsheets providing demographic data on the age, gender, and race/ethnicity of adults and children in TANF and Separate State Program (SSP)-Maintenance-of-Effort (MOE) active families and closed cases, as well as data on the financial circumstances of TANF cash assistance recipients.
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 1:00 PM EST

ACF Seeks Comment on ARP Child Care Stabilization Data - The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) seeks comment on a plan to collect provider level data of those who received stabilization grants through the American Rescue Plan (ARP). Comments are due December 1.
State Spending on Poverty Really Pays Off for Kids: Study - U.S. News & World Report, 10/18/21
Management Practices to Promote Home Visitor Retention, October 2021 - This OPRE study assesses program management practices from the Home Visiting Career Trajectories Project—a national descriptive of home visiting staff experiences and perceptions of the field. This study examines the relationship between home visitors’ career intentions and different program management practices such as assigning peer mentors, staff training, reflective supervision, and providing informal opportunities for feedback.

Developing a Learning Agenda to Address the Needs of Young Parents in Care, October 2021 - This learning agenda from Urban Institute examines the needs of young parents in care, especially for those who are expecting a child. Through telephone interviews with ten state or county public child welfare agencies, these officials provide insights on their expecting and parenting youth populations, the services, and placement options available to those young people. Agencies also discuss their funding sources, their data collection practices, and the success they have experienced serving this population, and the challenges they face.

ACF Posts State Resources on CCDF Monitoring Process, October 22, 2021 - This guidance from the Administration for Children and Families is designed for Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) State administrators as a go-to resource throughout the Office of Child Care monitoring process.

ACF Releases Letter on COVID-19 Vaccinations for CCDF Teachers and Staff - November 2, 2021 - This Dear Colleague letter from the Administration for Children and Families advises the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Administrators on the importance of COVID-19 vaccinations for staff.
Tuesday, November 9, 2:00 PM EST

Wednesday, November 10, 3:00 PM EST

Tuesday, November 16, 2:00-2:45 PM EST

Wednesday, November 17, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM MT 

Thursday, November 18, 1:00-2:30 PM EST

CMS Posts Update to Medicaid and (CHIP) COVID-19 Data Snapshot - The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has posted the most recent data snapshot that provides information on service utilization for the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) through February 2021.
Considering Ethics and Empathy in Imputing Race and Ethnicity to Expand the Availability of Disaggregated Data, August 27, 2021 - This Urban Institute blog details their recent work highlighting the inherent risks of disaggregating data, with recommendations for imputing race and ethnicity data with more empathy and greater regard for ethical risks.

Most Adults Who Feel Treated or Judged Unfairly When Applying for Public Benefits Report Adverse Consequences, October 21, 2021 - This fact sheet from the Urban Institute details their April 2021 Health Reform Monitoring Survey, where more than 8 percent of adults whose families had ever received or applied for public benefits reported they had felt treated or judged unfairly because of their race or ethnicity while applying.
White House Provides Models to Increase CTC Uptake Through State and Local HHS Text Campaigns, October 2021 - The White House is recommending that organizations, cities and local governments try to increase outreach with digital ads and text messaging to connect families to the Child Tax Credit (CTC), using the enrollment model of the Social Security Administration as one example.
Tuesday, November 9, 12:00-1:30 PM EST
Webinar: Housing 101: Understanding the Role of Housing in Supporting and Strengthening Families -  Corporation for Supportive Housing and Casey Family Programs.