I hope this message finds you safe and well… These words carry a new significance for us today. They are no longer simply the ides of a friendly greeting; they are now heartfelt and unfortunately, all too real. Right now, the Us TOO staff are among more than 316 million people in our great nation practicing shelter in place during these tumultuous times. Like you, we await next steps from our governmental leaders.

As you know, health choices and decisions in this time may have lasting effects. Every day, we field calls from prostate cancer patients and/or their families and partners asking difficult questions such as:

  • Given the potential danger of COVID-19 to someone with underlying health conditions, should I risk a trip to my doctor, urologist, oncologist or surgeon?
  • If I delay my appointment, how long should I wait to see my doctor?
  • How quickly can my cancer spread if I wait?
  • Should I have my treatment now or should I wait?

Dr. Mark Moyad’s COVID-19 articles ( have addressed these questions and have been informative, current, and occasionally funny. He has embodied the spirit of the prostate cancer community and he has reminded us that the day-to-day mission of Us TOO is to create a truly patient-centered prostate cancer paradigm that optimizes emotional and physical well-being.

Being a prostate cancer survivor myself, I remember answering difficult questions. Today patients and caregivers must answer such questions in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Us TOO is there to help through Support, Education, and Advocacy.

Now more than ever, the power of Us TOO is in helping men and those who love them by transforming resignation into determination and fear into hope!

Us TOO relies on the generosity of donors like you to meet the needs of men with prostate cancer. And right now, we NEED your help. Prostate cancer, like COVID-19, is a personal struggle, a family affair, and a community crisis. We hope you will be part of a total community response.

Please join me in helping men facing prostate cancer find the courage, help, and resources they and their loved ones need. Please give generously today and pass it forward. Your donation will make a world of difference, I promise you.

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My warmest regards,

Beau Stubblefield-Tave
Executive Director
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