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Doing Something New


Back in May, I remember reading Pastor Abby Auman’s post on Facebook that said something like, you know you are a United Methodist pastor when…. People filled in with comments you are moving in June, packing up ten boxes of books or something else that reflects pastors moving into a new church/community. I say, you know you are a UMC pastor when your first couple of sermons in your new appointment are about God doing something new or bringing about change. I may be speaking for myself, but that Isaiah 43:18, 19 has been preached a lot, a whole LOT.


One morning, I remember as soon as I opened my eyes that the Holy Spirit started messing with me. He said, I want to do something new. I am going to do something new. I want to do something new in you. I want to do something new in the communities, churches, people’s families, in hearts, and minds. Throughout that whole day, He was ministering to me and showing me things that He wants to make new. He was on me so tough, that I did a Facebook live, and shared what He was saying. 


As the Lord continued to minister to me, He said you have to do something new. If I bring newness into a place or person, that person has to do something different than the last place they were in. I can’t do what I did 20 years ago because I am in new place today. The same goes for you. You are in a new place perhaps literally or figuratively. Scripture tells us you can’t put new wine into old wine skins.  


Canal pastors, leaders, and members, pick a scripture(s) on God doing something new in your life or church’s life. It may be Is. 43, 2 Cor. 7:14, 2 Sam. 5, Rom. 12:1 or other passages that deal with newness, change, or transformation. Just know that God wants to do SOMETHING NEW! Truly, truly, truly, the Spirit of God wants to transform lives. He wants to transform churches and communities. God wants to breathe a breath of freshness and newness into all of us. It doesn’t mean it will be easy or happen quickly, it just means he wants to do something new. God will start moving things, people, and places. Your thinking and process of thought shifts. You become uncomfortable when God is moving you into something new. The list could go on and on.


One day I will talk about yawning. For today’s purpose however I will say, a yawn brings in new/fresh air (oxygen) into our body. It brings about a refreshing feel throughout your whole body. The Spirit of God wants to bring in freshness and newness into our whole bodies. Oh, how God wants to do something new. Oh, how God wants us to do something new. 


Pastor Auman says you know you are UMC pastor when…. I say, you know God wants to do something new when….

Prayer Ministry

Hour of Prayer

I have spoken to liberal/progressive churches, middle of the road churches, and conservative churches. I have spoken to big churches, med-size, and small churches. I have spoken to churches that have an uptick in growth and those who have not. Interestingly, none of the churches have share with me that they have a prayer ministry. Thus, I am hoping and praying that some if not all of you in some way, will develop a prayer ministry. Pastors you can see if there is one or two people from the church who would be willing to organize and lead the prayer ministry. I hope and pray this ministry will be added. Please know, it may not be a large number of people. It may only be 2 to 5 people from each church. Everyone however, can pray throughout their neighborhoods and as they come to church. If this ministry is added, I hope and pray that you will attend as much as you can.


You can have a prayer box for people to put in their request. The group takes the requests and lifts them before God during that hour of prayer. I just want to encourage you and your ministries to pray, pray, pray.


Prayer format example:

  • Welcome everyone
  • Scripture for session
  • Hymn or praise/worship song
  • Prayers (not in any particular order)
  • Families
  • Leaders
  • Church
  • Community
  • Request
  • Thanksgiving/Praise to God
  • State/Nation/World
  • etc.

Charge Conference Season

Charge Conference season is upon us! All forms are available via PDF this year only. Megan has sent out the consultation schedule & requirements for paperwork via email. If you have not received a time, please email the district office.

Click here to access the forms.

Lighthouse Churches

A pilgrimage is a holy journey that leads one to a deeper understanding of self and a closer relationship with God. The concept of pilgrimage deeply aligns with us as United Methodists as we move towards God in our process of transformation. 

We know that some local church members here in the East Ohio Conference are on a pilgrimage searching for new church homes, a place to heal and reconnect with God, or both. In this time of pilgrimage, we do not want any member to feel abandoned, lost, or disconnected. For those on a pilgrimage, the Lighthouse church and Oasis group resources found here are designed to help you connect to a United Methodist church in or around your area and across our Conference. Lighthouse churches are dedicated to The United Methodist Church and are welcoming for those seeking a new church home. Oasis groups are intentional spaces for connecting, healing, and growing spiritually. 

Bookmark this page because you will want to visit it often to receive the latest information about district gatherings, events, connecting points, and other ministries in your area.

District News

Two Bridges Out of Poverty Learning Opportunities

The Board of Missions is sponsoring another Bridges Out Of Poverty cohort that begins on Sept. 6. Participants will meet online twice a month over lunch until March 2024. This cohort is free but there are books you will need to purchase. Full details can be found online at

Contact Rev. Dickriede if you have any questions


Choose a 1 day workshop at the Summit United Way Office from 9:00-3:00 

Through this workshop, learn how economic realities of poverty, middle class, and wealth impact individuals, communities, systems, and structures. In order to positively impact the education and lives of individuals in poverty, we must explore the way we think and behave. Bridges Summit County Workshops offers a structure to help us assess the mindsets and world views we hold as individuals, institutions, and communities. It helps us define and visualize the experiences in economic class environments in order to increase our understanding.


Thursday, September 21, 2023

Thursday, November 16, 2023

More details Bridges Summit County | United Way of Summit & Medina (


Senior Fellowship Circle

A time focused on providing a safe space for older adults to gather for fellowship. Fellowship Circle is sponsored by Journey Covenant Church, Grandview United Methodist Church and Senior Adult Ministries of Cuyahoga Falls.


All times are Noon-2:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Events are open to all ages but have a focus on Senior Adults. All event programming and locations are subject to change based on location and presenter availability the day of the event.  


To stay up to date on current events send your email to or text your number and name to 888-526-3174.


General programming Schedule: 

Noon - 1:00 pm - Lunch and Fellowship


1:00 - 2:00 pm - Presentations, activities, programs, etc.



8/2 - A Visit to Danbury Senior Living


Come and Fellowship with the residents of Danbury Senior Living.


Cost: Free


Lunch: Provided by Danbury Senior Living


Location: 1696 Queens Gate Circle., Cuyahoga Falls.



Danbury Choir practice is at 1:00 pm and open to Senior Fellowship Circle attendees.


8/9 - Shifu Gary Harris, Center for Body, Mind, Harmony.


Join Shifu Gary Harris, TaiChi instructor and owner of the Center for Body, Mind Harmony on Bailey Road as he teaches us how to maintain balance as we age.


Cost: Free


Lunch: Bring your Own


Location: Grandview UMC, 2315 Phelps Ave.




 8/23 - A Visit from the Akron Zoo


Join us for a fun and interactive visit from Akron Zoo ambassadors.


Cost: Donations accepted to cover the cost of the Zoo visit. Cash donations can be brought the day of. Checks can be made payable to Grandview UMC, memo: Senior Fellowship.


Lunch: Bring your Own


Location: Journey Covenant Church. 2679 N Haven Blvd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Trinity Action Project (TAP) Grants
Application Process for TAP - Any program/project from a Canal District local church that very clearly relates to the mission and vision of the Conference may submit an application. Funds for mission purposes are intended as “Seed Money” to be used as start-up funds to help initiate ministry and mission outreach. Programs/projects will be funded for a maximum of 3 years. Applications will have a specific plan and/or strategy for a program/project, a clearly defined method(s) in which the funds will be used, and a method for decreasing the “seed money” funding over the 3 year period. TAP Grant funding may not be used for capital expenditures or clergy salaries. Churches applying for a multi-year grant will submit a new application each year.

For an application go to:

East Ohio Conference News & Happenings

East Ohio Conference E-News
Find the information about what is happening throughout the East Ohio Conference through the biweekly newsletter. From appointments to mission opportunities to events....

See the latest E-News from HERE.
Positions Available
Grandview UMC in Cuyahoga Falls is looking for Volunteers (Missions Teams, Youth Groups, Sunday School Teachers, Confirmation Classes, etc.) to lead children's Sunday school in our Nepali language worship service Sunday afternoons from 3:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. This could include a Bible lesson, games, snacks, music, etc. and your lessons will be lead in English. Interested? Contact David Hull-Frye by email.

Johnson UMC in Norton is looking for a Part-Time Youth Leader. The position would be 15 hours per week, $17.00/hr. They are looking for a savvy and energetic person to lead our youth in the ministry and belief of the Christian faith with a Wesleyan emphasis. If you are looking for a great part time job and enjoy working with youth, please send your resume to Sandy Guy via email.

KENT UMC is looking for a Worship Leader to provide spiritual and musical leadership for the 9:30 a.m. Sunday contemporary worship service.  There are weekly rehearsals with the Worship Band.  The church is also seeking an Assistant Custodian, which is a Sunday morning position.  Full job descriptions and application information can be found at this link:   

Lockwood UMC is seeking a musician to lead singing on Sunday mornings beginning July 2. We worship at 9:00 and, generally, we sing hymns from the hymnal. We are glad to pay $400/month but the amount is negotiable. Our address is 3680 Manchester Rd. in Coventry Twp. If interested, please call 330-591-7627 or email at

Macedonia UMC is looking for a Maintenance Manager. Click this link to access the job description. If interested, please email the church.

Medina UMC is looking for a part-time Nursery Coordinator. Click this link to access the job description. If interested, please email the church.

Medina UMC is looking for a Full-Time or Part-Time Youth Ministry Coordinator.   Compensation & possible housing in Medina City are negotiable. An application and Ministry Description are available by emailing Pastor Tal Lewis at  

OPEN M is in need of Volunteers the third Friday of the month. Mountain of Food is a Direct Distribution program of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank hosted by OPEN M on the third Friday of each month. It is a one-day, drive-thru bulk distribution of foods such as produce, meat, breads, and more. Residents of all counties who meet income guidelines are welcome.

  • August 18
  • September 15
  • October 20
  • November 17
  • November 21, 2-4 p.m.
  • December 15


OPEN M also needs a Volunteer dentist, dental hygienist, medical specialists, and mental health volunteers. The need is for a few hours of volunteering a month. Contact Beth B. Boggins Development & Community Engagement Director

OPEN M is a Christian non-profit organization that serves more than 50,000 individuals annually with food, health and employment services – all intended to create pathways out of poverty. Located in the Summit Lake neighborhood of Akron, OPEN M leverages a community alliance of churches, businesses and more than 2,000 volunteers to offer programs to those in need residing in the Greater Akron Area and Summit County.

Our Health Services mission is to provide compassionate, quality medical care, dental care, health education and prescription medications free of charge to adults who are uninsured.  Our services are made possible through grants and community donations though we rely on a team of healthcare providers who volunteer their time and expertise to serve our clients. 

With the complexity of healthcare and the need for good quality care for our patients we continuously need to expand our reach, increase our services, and lengthen our hours of operation.  As we continue to serve our community, we desire to incorporate all aspects of health and human services from modern western medicine to holistic arts of healing.  

If you or someone you know wish to join us in our mission to serve, we are currently seeking volunteers in the following specialties: Acupuncture, Social Services, Chiropractor, Dental, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Optometry, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Urology, Women’s Health, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Dentist, Dental Hygienist, and General / Family Medicine. 

Please contact our Health Services Director, Shannon Barney, at 330-434-0110 ext. 406, or for further information.  

Smithville UMC is looking for a Custodian. Please visit their website for a full job description and contact information.

South Street Ministries is looking for a Volunteer with some administrative skills to help move the re-entry movement forward in Summit, Medina and Portage County. Contact Kathy Dickriede or Joe Tucker

Items Available

Lockwood UMC is glad to donate a Baldwin Pipe Organ to a church or other organization who can put it to good use - no charge, just come and pick it up. Please call or email: 330-591-7627 or

Cheryl Taylor from Macedonia UMC has an upright Hampton piano available to a church or individual. It must be picked up from her home. If interested, please email her.

Uniontown UMC has choir robes available to whomever needs some. If interested, please email the church.

Items Missing

Items Needed

Twin Falls UMC is looking for a donation or long-term loan for hand bell and/or chimes sets, so they may to continue making a joyful noise to the Lord as is the intent of such bells. If you or your church has some, please contact Jim Lewis via email.

Please submit your request for publication of an event, job ad, or announcement to Megan at by Thursday at 12:00 noon to run in the following Monday's newsletter. Please be aware that the less words the better and please note that flyers are not always easily readable in this format.

Please share this newsletter widely and encourage those that would like to receive it directly to share their contact email with the District Office.
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